Favourite iPhone games

Hello Everyone!
I have recently deleted a lot of apps that I dislike. Majority deleted was games. I don’t play much so I decided I’d like to share the ones I play.

20130730-125544 AM.jpg

Candy Crush
Totally addicting. You try to match 3 candies until you reach the goal set for you, sounds normal but it could ruin your social life haha. Something I dislike about it, is that at the start of the game it goes pretty slow trying to connect to the internet.
I don’t understand something in this game, some levels have a ribbon on them and I don’t really know what this is for? I haven’t noticed a difference between ribboned and non-ribboned levels, hmmm…

20130730-010414 AM.jpg

20130730-010445 AM.jpg
I’m currently in level 213 @.@

4 pics 1 word
This game is super fun and addicting! My 48 year old almost sold is sole to the dark lord for this game, wtf. Every time I would see him, he’d be playing this game on his ipad.

20130730-011629 AM.jpg

Take It Easy
Its game that makes your brain work. Not the type of game you would play in a boring history class.

20130730-012113 AM.jpg
Cut the Rope
I think everyone knows this game due how cute Omnom is! This cute little creature is like a lot of girls. Give her food: jolly. No food: not so fucking jolly.

20130730-012706 AM.jpg

20130730-013527 AM.jpg

Its close too 4 pics 1 word but its more like 1pic 1 word. What I dislike about this game is that I have finished it and there hasn’t been updated with new levels, I’ll be waiting for them .-. *lesigh*

20130730-013717 AM.jpg

A bunch of categories (movies, cartoons, characters,… ect.) with a bunch of levels. Each level has a lot of pictures that you guess the name/title of it. Every new level is harder than the former one. Highly addicting, my friend and I would sit through breaks in school playing this game hahaha.

20130730-014334 AM.jpg

Subway Surfers
Anyone with a smart phone must have this game on their phones. It gets you obsessed for a few months, competing with your friends on who gets the highest score but eventually you let go of it. Especially after they added the Key thing which allows you to continue playing when you get hit by a bus or something – I need a doctor not a key!

20130730-014924 AM.jpg

Minion Rush
The game has the same concept of Subway Surfers except that you’re the loser minion Dave (he’s my favourite!) collecting bananas and its harder. In my opinion, its more entertaining because you have more of a challenge, but sometimes it could get on your nerves when you’re not completely focused on the game and you keep losing. BABOI!

20130730-015613 AM.jpg

Draw Something
This game is awesome! Like a web-pictionary. You get to meet artists around the world. Here is what I drew when I was asked to draw the word “Wiggle”:

20130730-015919 AM.jpg

I’m not sure how to describe this one, but its highly entertaining. Apparently, you’re a jello and a chief steals one of your friends to serve so you gang up on him with your friends, but first! You must bond with them. Small jellies cant do anything on their own, right? You stick to your friends and become a jello monster in hope to eat that evil chief. I’d hate to be the on the break it up to them and face them with the truth, jellies are destined to be eaten…

20130730-020606 AM.jpg

Chocolate Tycoon
I used to be obsessed with this game, its cute and you make chocolate. Whats not to love? Something horrible happened though. It got restarted. Since the incident I haven’t opened it until today, not sure if I’ll play it again though.

20130730-021017 AM.jpg

That’s about it! I hope you guys enjoy the post. If you have any recommendation of apps/games please leave a comment ^0^

I would also like to announce that we added a new page called FAQ. I only have a category explanation in it since we thought it’d make everything easier of you know what each category is for we will have some other stuff up on there but that’s it for now. Byee ~



Popular topic: Procrastinati….ill finish it later.

Oh my gosh ! This is one of the biggest problems in my life since forever.. I started this problem since 6th grade and gahhhhh. I used to leave my homework will LAST MINUTE (i still do hehe) and then stay up all night doing it then not get up really happy for school (or anything but more sleep). Im naturally kind of a lazy person esp if this thing involves numbers or maths…i will ditch it or set it on fire if i have to. But annwhyoo teachers LOVE me. My friends call me a kiss ass sometimes. But hey. You gotta make the teachers love right? You get extra stuff and they hate it when they upset you. Ahh i love being a teachers pet.

Im not reallyyy a trouble maker. Takes effort. I don’t like hanging out with people i have to put effort into socialising with. I CAN multi task you would be surprised. If i have something important id rather work on it in a smaller amount of time so im under pressure and MUST finish it !


I cannot express my love for this guy, he has helped me so far and will most likely help me graduate and have a successful life. Thanks Mr, Copy Paste. Really i admire you. You saved thousands of procrastinators with their lives. “Oh shiz I didnt do my homework”, “Dude just copy paste something and change it around”. Yes , i do that sometimes.

This is not a good habit i know i know. But sometimes you do it because you are bored or tired or cant be bothered to do something ON THE SPOT and you go like “MEHHH ill do this later., “Ive still got time” “this isnt due till next month”.


WARNING: This post is highly accurate.Image

So yeah im kind of procrastinating right now..So i better go.

Byee Y’all !

Pretty Little Liars wallpaper

Hello everyone!

Lately I have been watching Pretty Little Liars and I love it! I’m in season 3 now and will continue watching after this post. Anyway, I have been searching for wallpapers for my iphone and I didn’t really find what I wanted. What I wanted was the theme song written on the picture but I couldn’t find it so I made it.

pll wallpaper

This post is just for the picture. To help people out if they were looking for the same thing I wanted. Nothing else to say.

*Awkwardly Leaves*


Life as a secret princess

Pick up line of the day:

People call me John but you can call me tonight.

I haven’t slept yet so I thought might as well post a blog. My friends should be coming today for iftar. I haven’t seen them in quite a long time so I’m really looking forward in meeting them.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about is the pictures that you think describe you a lot. People have been going insane on making these pictures so they’d become popular and I think I found the pictures that describe me.

20130722-051103 AM.jpg
I’m pretty sure I was dropped on Earth to become a princess not someone who’s suppose to be “hard working”. I don’t really fit in the hard working because no matter how much I try, its just not enough and its not because of my competitive personality or that I’m never satisfied. Its just that those creepy stuff that my friends seem to find so easy is not easy for me. At all. I seem to be more into arts and stuff which I’m not so good at it, but I know when I try on those stuff I see significant improvement. Long story short, I’m suppose to be a princess. I don’t know where my real parents are or what were they thinking when they put me in this life that I don’t fit in, I know there is a mistake but don’t worry, I wont be mad when you come and tell my the truth that I’m really a princess.

20130722-052644 AM.jpg
This one also. Its a very weird thing. I get this daydreams about me being a hero then I get this sudden feeling that I want to kill myself and I feel like I hate everything so I should lock my self in my room, listen to sad depressing heart breaking music while I wait for death to snatch my life.

Very weird, huh? This is why I should be a princess too! Then I’d be able to have a lot of stuff that would take my mind of this crappy feeling. When the princess is happy, everyone is happy. Wtf, I should get over myself already.

Buh bye ~


Skull Candy Nail Art ~

Hiyaa !! This is my fist EVER nail tutorial ❤ So steps might not be so clear ! (sorry) but its easyyy i promise !

Here is the look we will be creating


You will need :

  1. Base coast (optional) and top coat.
  2. White nail polish
  3. Temporary tattoo sheet , with designs that can fit on your nail.
  4. A tissue or cotton pad or small towel to wet and stick design
  5. Scissors

As you see, I’m such a lazy person (and impatient) i skipped base coat.haha.

So start by applying the white nail polish and wait for it to dry completely! 


Wet the cotton/ tissue/ towel before hand and keep it close.

Pick the design that you want and will fit on your nails and cut out with scissors.


Take the plastic cover off design and apply to nail.


(make sure tattoo doesn’t touch skin because its slightly hard to get off)

Press down for 30 seconds with wet cloth.
Take off the paper and leave nail to dry for 30 seconds.
Then apply the top coat to seal and add gloss!

~You are ready to rock with your new nails!~


Enjoy !
^_^ Buh byee from Cookie/ Alice ^_^

How To Not Make Iced Coffee

Hello everyone!
I know we don’t blog as much as we used to but we have an excuse, life is boring! Either boring or a lot have been happening and its not good stuff. Anyhow I’m back with a DIY.

20130715-050742 PM.jpg
It depends on how much coffee you need, I just added 1 tsp and dissolved it some boiling water. Just add enough water to dissolve the coffee. I then added 2 tbsp of coconut milk and then filled the rest with normal diary milk. Add ice cubes if you want and that’s it.

I just experimented with the stuff I had and came up with this, ’twas pretty yummy. I hope you guys like it too ^-^

That’s it for today, buh byee !

Black Eyes

Hello everyone!

Lenses have became very popular the past years and is still ongoing, especially circle lenses, the ones that makes your iris look bigger. They’re usually used to achieve the Japanese “kawaii” look. Since bigger eyes make a person look more prettier and innocent circle lenses were created for this look. I honestly would purchase them to give them a try despite that I already love my own eyes the way they actually are.


Popular colours these days are the browns (usually dark browns) and black. I used to see black as a cute colour but after a while it started to freak me out.



Circle lenses hides expressions that are seen in the eyes. For example if you’re not good in lying, try putting on circle lenses – they make people look soulless and no one would be able to read your expression. Usually black eyes indicate being possessed. They’re wide diameter also created an unnatural look which kinda supports the idea of being possessed. I’d imagine on a horror supernatural movie set they’d use them on the possessed guy.


the_exorcism_of_emily_rose_2006_dvd_screengrabThe pictures above are low quality just so I don’t scare anybody. For me, just looking at them gives me goosebumps as memories of the move floods my mind. (The movie is “The Exorcism of Emily Rose)

To me, whenever I see a picture of someone wearing black lenses, I instantly get scared of them. Hopefully they will soon see what I’m seeing to so it’d stop. I don’t mind circle lenses at all, only the black ones that creeps me out. I can’t be the only one that feels like this about them!

eyes_by_albatrash-d555lmy_副本Movies either choose to make the whole eyeball black or as in Emily Rose, just the iris black. If black eyes indicate possession, why would anyone ever wear black lenses that just doesn’t change the colour of your eyes, but looks unnatural and makes you look soulless. I’m glad it isn’t popular in Egypt or I’d probably trap myself at home.