Black Eyes

Hello everyone!

Lenses have became very popular the past years and is still ongoing, especially circle lenses, the ones that makes your iris look bigger. They’re usually used to achieve the Japanese “kawaii” look. Since bigger eyes make a person look more prettier and innocent circle lenses were created for this look. I honestly would purchase them to give them a try despite that I already love my own eyes the way they actually are.


Popular colours these days are the browns (usually dark browns) and black. I used to see black as a cute colour but after a while it started to freak me out.



Circle lenses hides expressions that are seen in the eyes. For example if you’re not good in lying, try putting on circle lenses – they make people look soulless and no one would be able to read your expression. Usually black eyes indicate being possessed. They’re wide diameter also created an unnatural look which kinda supports the idea of being possessed. I’d imagine on a horror supernatural movie set they’d use them on the possessed guy.


the_exorcism_of_emily_rose_2006_dvd_screengrabThe pictures above are low quality just so I don’t scare anybody. For me, just looking at them gives me goosebumps as memories of the move floods my mind. (The movie is “The Exorcism of Emily Rose)

To me, whenever I see a picture of someone wearing black lenses, I instantly get scared of them. Hopefully they will soon see what I’m seeing to so it’d stop. I don’t mind circle lenses at all, only the black ones that creeps me out. I can’t be the only one that feels like this about them!

eyes_by_albatrash-d555lmy_副本Movies either choose to make the whole eyeball black or as in Emily Rose, just the iris black. If black eyes indicate possession, why would anyone ever wear black lenses that just doesn’t change the colour of your eyes, but looks unnatural and makes you look soulless. I’m glad it isn’t popular in Egypt or I’d probably trap myself at home.






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