Skull Candy Nail Art ~

Hiyaa !! This is my fist EVER nail tutorial ❤ So steps might not be so clear ! (sorry) but its easyyy i promise !

Here is the look we will be creating


You will need :

  1. Base coast (optional) and top coat.
  2. White nail polish
  3. Temporary tattoo sheet , with designs that can fit on your nail.
  4. A tissue or cotton pad or small towel to wet and stick design
  5. Scissors

As you see, I’m such a lazy person (and impatient) i skipped base coat.haha.

So start by applying the white nail polish and wait for it to dry completely! 


Wet the cotton/ tissue/ towel before hand and keep it close.

Pick the design that you want and will fit on your nails and cut out with scissors.


Take the plastic cover off design and apply to nail.


(make sure tattoo doesn’t touch skin because its slightly hard to get off)

Press down for 30 seconds with wet cloth.
Take off the paper and leave nail to dry for 30 seconds.
Then apply the top coat to seal and add gloss!

~You are ready to rock with your new nails!~


Enjoy !
^_^ Buh byee from Cookie/ Alice ^_^


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