Life as a secret princess

Pick up line of the day:

People call me John but you can call me tonight.

I haven’t slept yet so I thought might as well post a blog. My friends should be coming today for iftar. I haven’t seen them in quite a long time so I’m really looking forward in meeting them.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about is the pictures that you think describe you a lot. People have been going insane on making these pictures so they’d become popular and I think I found the pictures that describe me.

20130722-051103 AM.jpg
I’m pretty sure I was dropped on Earth to become a princess not someone who’s suppose to be “hard working”. I don’t really fit in the hard working because no matter how much I try, its just not enough and its not because of my competitive personality or that I’m never satisfied. Its just that those creepy stuff that my friends seem to find so easy is not easy for me. At all. I seem to be more into arts and stuff which I’m not so good at it, but I know when I try on those stuff I see significant improvement. Long story short, I’m suppose to be a princess. I don’t know where my real parents are or what were they thinking when they put me in this life that I don’t fit in, I know there is a mistake but don’t worry, I wont be mad when you come and tell my the truth that I’m really a princess.

20130722-052644 AM.jpg
This one also. Its a very weird thing. I get this daydreams about me being a hero then I get this sudden feeling that I want to kill myself and I feel like I hate everything so I should lock my self in my room, listen to sad depressing heart breaking music while I wait for death to snatch my life.

Very weird, huh? This is why I should be a princess too! Then I’d be able to have a lot of stuff that would take my mind of this crappy feeling. When the princess is happy, everyone is happy. Wtf, I should get over myself already.

Buh bye ~



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