Popular topic: Procrastinati….ill finish it later.

Oh my gosh ! This is one of the biggest problems in my life since forever.. I started this problem since 6th grade and gahhhhh. I used to leave my homework will LAST MINUTE (i still do hehe) and then stay up all night doing it then not get up really happy for school (or anything but more sleep). Im naturally kind of a lazy person esp if this thing involves numbers or maths…i will ditch it or set it on fire if i have to. But annwhyoo teachers LOVE me. My friends call me a kiss ass sometimes. But hey. You gotta make the teachers love right? You get extra stuff and they hate it when they upset you. Ahh i love being a teachers pet.

Im not reallyyy a trouble maker. Takes effort. I don’t like hanging out with people i have to put effort into socialising with. I CAN multi task you would be surprised. If i have something important id rather work on it in a smaller amount of time so im under pressure and MUST finish it !


I cannot express my love for this guy, he has helped me so far and will most likely help me graduate and have a successful life. Thanks Mr, Copy Paste. Really i admire you. You saved thousands of procrastinators with their lives. “Oh shiz I didnt do my homework”, “Dude just copy paste something and change it around”. Yes , i do that sometimes.

This is not a good habit i know i know. But sometimes you do it because you are bored or tired or cant be bothered to do something ON THE SPOT and you go like “MEHHH ill do this later., “Ive still got time” “this isnt due till next month”.


WARNING: This post is highly accurate.Image

So yeah im kind of procrastinating right now..So i better go.

Byee Y’all !


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