Favourite iPhone games

Hello Everyone!
I have recently deleted a lot of apps that I dislike. Majority deleted was games. I don’t play much so I decided I’d like to share the ones I play.

20130730-125544 AM.jpg

Candy Crush
Totally addicting. You try to match 3 candies until you reach the goal set for you, sounds normal but it could ruin your social life haha. Something I dislike about it, is that at the start of the game it goes pretty slow trying to connect to the internet.
I don’t understand something in this game, some levels have a ribbon on them and I don’t really know what this is for? I haven’t noticed a difference between ribboned and non-ribboned levels, hmmm…

20130730-010414 AM.jpg

20130730-010445 AM.jpg
I’m currently in level 213 @.@

4 pics 1 word
This game is super fun and addicting! My 48 year old almost sold is sole to the dark lord for this game, wtf. Every time I would see him, he’d be playing this game on his ipad.

20130730-011629 AM.jpg

Take It Easy
Its game that makes your brain work. Not the type of game you would play in a boring history class.

20130730-012113 AM.jpg
Cut the Rope
I think everyone knows this game due how cute Omnom is! This cute little creature is like a lot of girls. Give her food: jolly. No food: not so fucking jolly.

20130730-012706 AM.jpg

20130730-013527 AM.jpg

Its close too 4 pics 1 word but its more like 1pic 1 word. What I dislike about this game is that I have finished it and there hasn’t been updated with new levels, I’ll be waiting for them .-. *lesigh*

20130730-013717 AM.jpg

A bunch of categories (movies, cartoons, characters,… ect.) with a bunch of levels. Each level has a lot of pictures that you guess the name/title of it. Every new level is harder than the former one. Highly addicting, my friend and I would sit through breaks in school playing this game hahaha.

20130730-014334 AM.jpg

Subway Surfers
Anyone with a smart phone must have this game on their phones. It gets you obsessed for a few months, competing with your friends on who gets the highest score but eventually you let go of it. Especially after they added the Key thing which allows you to continue playing when you get hit by a bus or something – I need a doctor not a key!

20130730-014924 AM.jpg

Minion Rush
The game has the same concept of Subway Surfers except that you’re the loser minion Dave (he’s my favourite!) collecting bananas and its harder. In my opinion, its more entertaining because you have more of a challenge, but sometimes it could get on your nerves when you’re not completely focused on the game and you keep losing. BABOI!

20130730-015613 AM.jpg

Draw Something
This game is awesome! Like a web-pictionary. You get to meet artists around the world. Here is what I drew when I was asked to draw the word “Wiggle”:

20130730-015919 AM.jpg

I’m not sure how to describe this one, but its highly entertaining. Apparently, you’re a jello and a chief steals one of your friends to serve so you gang up on him with your friends, but first! You must bond with them. Small jellies cant do anything on their own, right? You stick to your friends and become a jello monster in hope to eat that evil chief. I’d hate to be the on the break it up to them and face them with the truth, jellies are destined to be eaten…

20130730-020606 AM.jpg

Chocolate Tycoon
I used to be obsessed with this game, its cute and you make chocolate. Whats not to love? Something horrible happened though. It got restarted. Since the incident I haven’t opened it until today, not sure if I’ll play it again though.

20130730-021017 AM.jpg

That’s about it! I hope you guys enjoy the post. If you have any recommendation of apps/games please leave a comment ^0^

I would also like to announce that we added a new page called FAQ. I only have a category explanation in it since we thought it’d make everything easier of you know what each category is for we will have some other stuff up on there but that’s it for now. Byee ~



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