Pretty Little Liars finale (SPOILER ALERT)

Hello everyone!

First of all, OH MY GOD!! Did you guys see PLL’s finale (Now you see me, now you don’t) ? If you haven’t, then don’t read this because it would be a MAJOR SPOILER for you.

I completely forgot about the episode because I was very busy with a lot of other stuff going on these days, about two hours ago my friend texts me saying “Oh my god! You have no idea what I just say. Ezra is A.”. Then I died. She thought I watched it, but instead she totally ruined it for me, or that’s what I thought at that time. I can’t seem to find the right word to describe the episode.

I knew that Alison couldn’t be involved in the A thing when they showed us some of the memories about Ali getting the -A texts too. Why would she want her friends to be in the same situation as her?  Everyone watching PLL knew that Alison wasn’t dead and that she was hiding from someone. Just not Ezra. Also I’ve noticed something, who ever joins the -A team gets some kind of super powers, wtf. Ian disappears after being strangled in ropes in a matter of seconds. Jason was in the hospital after the elevator accident that caused him major injuries and disappeared without anyone noticing – I know he wasn’t in the -A team but thats deff an -A move. When Cece fell – she looked like she broke her leg. It isn’t possible to fall from that height without some kind of injury, but again she just disappears and her footsteps wasn’t even heard. Something is just weird. I don’t think they would add any super natural stuff, however I would like to know how the hell do they do it!? I might use it in the future when I need to sneak out of class… XD

Alison dated Ezra, I geddit but why would he want her dead? She couldn’t have possibly known something about him that she shouldn’t because she didn’t know who was bullying her. Its very complicated x_x Maybe Alison got pregnant with Ezra’s baby and got the abortion so he’s torturing her because she “killed” the baby? But she would know it’s Ezra that is sending her those messages. I don’t think she kept the baby .-. I’m trying to figure why would anyone do this, but I just cant seem to find the right reason. It better be something HUGE I might kill myself.

I’m not sure about Aria, but I think she will get involved in the A-team like how spenser did. PLL likes to throw in huge twists that sometimes I think I could be A ~ XD

I thought that Ali’s twin Courtney might be involved (I thought Cece is Ali’s twin). There is an evil twin, right? But that evil? I don’t think that the twin theory is important now. Well it isn’t confirmed yet that there is a twin. Who knows? Trying to figure out what happened to cause all this is harder than chemistry. I think I’ll just have to calm down and forget about PLL for awhile. There should be a season 5 and I expect them to extend it even more to 7 seasons.

My brain is hurting from the thinking *LeSigh*. I gtg too so that’s it for now. Byee ~



Reading and Me.

So you can see this is my account with reading in contrast with Panda’s post. ^_^

Where do I start?…..I AM AN ABSOLUTE BOOKWORM. I love everything about it. Everytime theres something to read im ready ahead of everyone. I read about anything and everything. I cannot resist keeping my eyes away from something im reading. >.> My mum complains i read too much.

You know im one one of these people who sits in the shower and reads the shampoo ingridients…yeah thats me.I smell books because they smell so good ! I prefer soft cover over hardback :3

I read on the couch, while shopping, online, on holiday….etc etc. The fastest time ive finished a book was 4 hours straight {The Fault in our Stars by John Green} because i was so into the book i had Nerd Syndrome.

I get emotional while reading books because my imagination goes extra wild. This is accompanied with back ache from my extreme reading poses and whale noises at said emotional moments.

When i read i very rarely imagine characters faces. Descriptions of faces make my brain a wreck. I get very confused i just skim through. The characters in my mind are featured as shilouttes.

Yes i ship fictional characters and get emotionally trumatized when they die…They give me hope in what i wished real people were like….

Reading is evidence humans can still do magic ♥ Every book you read is just a different arrangement of 26 letter and makes you live a 1000 lives.

Reading sometimes backfires on me x.x it hurts my eyes and doesnt help with my paranoia….I got addicted to reading paramormal stories/ encounters and i got so addicted i was afraid of my own hair at one point…..

I mostly read teen fiction { Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Emily The Strange Series} but i also like literature like { The Pearl of China} and poetry.

I took english literature at school for that reason. My teacher recomended and I did. I fell in love with some poems like {Piano by D.H Lawrence} {Remember by Christina Rosetti} , a biography piece called {Chinese Cinderella} and {Sonnett 116 by Shakespeare}. They stood out to me a lot. I felt reading connected me with these people and their feelings and thoughts.
We also read { To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee} and for a Shakespeare play {Romeo abd Juliet}  I enjoyed them a lot

Reading helps me clear my mind and enter a world of fantasy and never ending imagination. Its a beautiful way to communicate ~

Well o.o im sorry this a hugee post but i love reading so much

♥ Read on Readers♥

×Alice// Cookie

Daydreamer, not a Reader

Hello everyone!

People get shocked when I tell them I don’t read. Here’s the thing, I dislike reading – stories to be exact. I can never get past the first page in a story, my mind just drifts to other stuff so I lose focus. You know how people say they love reading because you create this movie in your head? Well…

Dear Readers, I have a more awesome imagination than you. Love, Me

I of course could not have came up with Harry Potter in a million years, but I do create some awesome stories in my head by stealing the idea or even a dialogue from the story I was planning on reading. I never finish a story, maybe an online story that is still not completed, yes. Some people just don’t read because its “boring”, but for me, its because I have to focus. I can’t focus, even in movies, but its easier to catch up in movies than in stories. Plus, I love pictures! The colours, the people, it just attracts me, but words? Yeaaa… not so much, nah ~ XD

Why do I find it hard to read? It’s not just my imagination, my brain sends me into torture when I’m trying to concentrate. It’s kinda like I’m a human robot. My eyes scanning my surrounding and all my other senses are at work – and my brain is taking all of this stuff up and is thinking about them while another part of my brain is thinking about something else like, “Oooh, thats a nicely printed ‘a”” or “I’d love to jump in the pool right now” and I can never focus on just one thing. Its something I’m born with so I thought it was normal to be that way and I’m just stupid because I can’t focus. Just recently I was talking with Alice about it and she said it happens to her, but its not ALL the time. I tried to talk to another one of my bestie and he said it happens it but it isnt bad, he can live. You know who’s unlucky? Me -.- because after 16 – almost 17 years of being that way, I can’t handle it anymore. It gets so bad that I imagine myself hitting/stabbing myself, almost like I’m trying to kill this memory or kill my self out of the situation. No, it doesn’t stop there, my brain aches and my body starts to shiver then I feel like I want to cry but I hold it in (not a crybaby here). It takes a while to get out of it, but its pretty painful. You know how bullying works? A person bullies a another person to make them suffer (no, I’m not sure if their full intentions is to make them suffer). Lets pretend there is a guy called Dave bullying a guy named Kevin, Kevin hates his life because Dave is making him feel disgusting about himself. Dave and Kevin are both my brain. I’m getting bullied by my mind, FML? Lets just thank god its not by “-A” (PLL fans?)

My friend told me to contact a therapist to help me out, I probably will. I just don’t know how to explain it to Le Mum. I’m not really good about talking especially when it comes to what I’m feeling. I just need a little push to help me into talking. Gah!  I’ve been living with this my whole life as I mentioned before, I think I can try to do it a little bit more. Actually I can’t. Its affecting everything in my life now, socially and studying. I’m not sure what this is called, so i cant really google it and have a bit of knowledge on what I have so when I try to explain what is happening to me, I will know a bit of the words I say.

I think I got a bit off topic, so back to daydreaming. I remember the day I started extra-hating my self/life. I was in school (could’ve guessed that, right), on the swings during a break. I started listening to music and decided what would happen if I imagined how my life would go, of course adding a little bit  lot of improvements to myself, I would be smart, I would be able to sing and stuff that we humans like. That day I never thought it would do me any harm, but it actually does. Whenever something bad happens either in real life or a movie or even a story, my anxiety rises to the red mark and I’d just stop reading or pause the movie or block real life out and would go to this world I have created.

Being able to get through a movie with my half-concentration system is easier than reading. Reading is not as interesting for me. I can get through blogs, but stories I cant do. I lose my concentration on it because I’m reading + imagining the scene I’m reading + thinking of something else is pretty hard for my brain. Reading is not for me.

Now I have to go back to sleep because its already 5am and I haven’t slept all night due to my insomnia these days, I get to sleep a few a hours and I think I’m kinda feeling sleep coming. Goodnight or Good morning to who is reading this ^_^



Hello everyone!
Lately I have been trying out meditating to calm and relax myself. I have read about it after trying it the first time and realised its very “healthy” for the human’s mind.

First things first, meditation is considered a mind-body complementary medicine. It helps relax the mind a brain. It helps your brain remove the jumbled thoughts to make you stress free. To sum it up, no stress: happy/healthy life and that’s what everyone is trying to reach, right?

Meditation, back then was used to help a person understand the sacred and mystical forces of life. While actually practicing meditating, at some point it feels like your soul had left your body and now your body feels empty.

Not only does meditation help you relax and calm down, but also improves some medical conditions like:
•Anxiety disorder
•Heart disease
•High blood pressure
•Sleep problems

Keep in mind that meditating isn’t a medicine, its an “addition” to the medicine.

There are a lot of types meditation, like Guided Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Qi Gong Meditation, Tai Chi Meditation, Transcendental Meditation and Yoga. The one I tried was the mantra.
Here are some tips:
Instead of sitting on on the floor l, sit on a pillow to be more comfy
Listen to meditation bowl
Use a timer, start by a short time like 5 minutes

After seated in position (crossed legged) start the timer and close your eyes and start focusing on your relaxing every part of your body, straighten your back and make sure everything feels comfortable. Spend the rest of the time trying to focus on the sound of the meditation bowl or your breath. This part isn’t easy at all! At least for me since I recently discovered that not everyone has “two minds”, its kinda like two people in one soul – one focuses on something and the other wont stop talking; I have that. If you don’t have that then it would be easier for you. Also I made it hard on myself by setting the timer for 10 minutes which caused me to constantly get in/out of meditation state. What I call “meditation state is the time when you feel your surrounding has gotten darker and your body is being separated from your soul and leaving this empty feeling that somehow felt funny for me and almost made me smile.

After the time was up, I opened my eyes and felt like everything is weird/new to me and my body felt extra sensitive but I got back to normal after a while. I felt very calmed down even though the meditation wasn’t the most successful one done in history of meditating but it was something for me. Meditating made me feel every muscle of my body and felt this pain in my neck that i haven’t noticed before hmmm maybe my head is so heavy from all the bwainzz wahahhaha.

I think meditation would help me in focusing better but its gonna be hard due to the 2 minds thing, I’m not even sure if that’s a condition that should be treated. I kinda sorta thought everyone had it and I’m just stupid because I cant focus/concentrate like everyone else .___. Maybe I’ll google something later, though we all know what the internet always think; cancer. Wtf. Also if i take it to another step by focusing on my breath rather than meditating bowl sound, I’d get over judging myself a lot and anxiety disorder.

I have tried meditating for a second time and i must say there was an improvement, maybe because i changed the timer to 5 from 10. 10 minutes is pretty hard so it was easier for me to concentrate on relaxing.

That’s it for now I guess until I try more meditating methods.


Happy Eid!

Hello everyone! Happy Eid!
I started my Eid in an unusual way. Like how I start all my holidays – horror movie. My sister and I watched The Conjuring, recommend by her friends. She was told it was scarier than The Exorcism of Emily Rose, but its not. The acting in Emily Rose’s movie leaves you feeling so intense and scared out of your skin, not that The Conjuring was bad, it just wasn’t as scary. I disliked the ending a bit and I’m not sure why, it just doesn’t satisfy me. You cant break a curse that easily, right? Overall the movie was good! Guess what? I wasn’t scared after watching, however I scared my self with watching vids about haunted dolls (Annabel, Pupa, Harold, ..ect.)

I spent my day in City Stars instead of traveling like everyone does. It was pretty fun though! We had lunch at Friday’s, I like to order appetisers instead of meals there and when I go with my friends, they think I’m so small because of the small portion of food I eat BUT that’s not true. I eat a lot actually, just a little at a time because I get full fast plus I like the appetisers more than the meals in T.G.I.F. My favourites are the Boneless Buffalo Wings and Tennessee Chicken Strips (I think that’s what its called).

Today, I finally found a place where I could try bubble tea *epic music plays*. I chose milk tea with blueberry flavours and the guy was nice he added all the types of pearls he had, he’s like I’ll make you a cocktail! Almost saw his eyes twinkle with joy when I agreed, wtf. I ended up liking only the Tapioca pearls.

20130809-044336 AM.jpg
We took a look around shops later and then reached Costa Coffee, Sissy ordered cheese cake then we left, we were all tired since we didn’t have much sleep but I forced mum to come with me to Mazaya cuz I wanted to buy concealer. Found a very good one by Makeup Forever, very good one but pricey too T___T 188LE for a small tube, my BB cream is hardly 50LE. Though I’m sure it will last a long time with me because one tiny dot almost covered my whole face *~*

20130809-045250 AM.jpg
I might do review on it soon, I have a bunch of stuff to blog about idk why I was procrastinating. My day was very fun minus my mum making fun of me as a “half a person” when waiter asks if we want a table for three xD other than that I’m pretty happy how the day went! We were almost gonna spend it at home because we were locked in.

Here is a picture of my cousins’ dog, Skittles, to end the post.

20130809-045843 AM.jpg

Buh Bye!