Happy Eid!

Hello everyone! Happy Eid!
I started my Eid in an unusual way. Like how I start all my holidays – horror movie. My sister and I watched The Conjuring, recommend by her friends. She was told it was scarier than The Exorcism of Emily Rose, but its not. The acting in Emily Rose’s movie leaves you feeling so intense and scared out of your skin, not that The Conjuring was bad, it just wasn’t as scary. I disliked the ending a bit and I’m not sure why, it just doesn’t satisfy me. You cant break a curse that easily, right? Overall the movie was good! Guess what? I wasn’t scared after watching, however I scared my self with watching vids about haunted dolls (Annabel, Pupa, Harold, ..ect.)

I spent my day in City Stars instead of traveling like everyone does. It was pretty fun though! We had lunch at Friday’s, I like to order appetisers instead of meals there and when I go with my friends, they think I’m so small because of the small portion of food I eat BUT that’s not true. I eat a lot actually, just a little at a time because I get full fast plus I like the appetisers more than the meals in T.G.I.F. My favourites are the Boneless Buffalo Wings and Tennessee Chicken Strips (I think that’s what its called).

Today, I finally found a place where I could try bubble tea *epic music plays*. I chose milk tea with blueberry flavours and the guy was nice he added all the types of pearls he had, he’s like I’ll make you a cocktail! Almost saw his eyes twinkle with joy when I agreed, wtf. I ended up liking only the Tapioca pearls.

20130809-044336 AM.jpg
We took a look around shops later and then reached Costa Coffee, Sissy ordered cheese cake then we left, we were all tired since we didn’t have much sleep but I forced mum to come with me to Mazaya cuz I wanted to buy concealer. Found a very good one by Makeup Forever, very good one but pricey too T___T 188LE for a small tube, my BB cream is hardly 50LE. Though I’m sure it will last a long time with me because one tiny dot almost covered my whole face *~*

20130809-045250 AM.jpg
I might do review on it soon, I have a bunch of stuff to blog about idk why I was procrastinating. My day was very fun minus my mum making fun of me as a “half a person” when waiter asks if we want a table for three xD other than that I’m pretty happy how the day went! We were almost gonna spend it at home because we were locked in.

Here is a picture of my cousins’ dog, Skittles, to end the post.

20130809-045843 AM.jpg

Buh Bye!



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