Hello everyone!
Lately I have been trying out meditating to calm and relax myself. I have read about it after trying it the first time and realised its very “healthy” for the human’s mind.

First things first, meditation is considered a mind-body complementary medicine. It helps relax the mind a brain. It helps your brain remove the jumbled thoughts to make you stress free. To sum it up, no stress: happy/healthy life and that’s what everyone is trying to reach, right?

Meditation, back then was used to help a person understand the sacred and mystical forces of life. While actually practicing meditating, at some point it feels like your soul had left your body and now your body feels empty.

Not only does meditation help you relax and calm down, but also improves some medical conditions like:
•Anxiety disorder
•Heart disease
•High blood pressure
•Sleep problems

Keep in mind that meditating isn’t a medicine, its an “addition” to the medicine.

There are a lot of types meditation, like Guided Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Qi Gong Meditation, Tai Chi Meditation, Transcendental Meditation and Yoga. The one I tried was the mantra.
Here are some tips:
Instead of sitting on on the floor l, sit on a pillow to be more comfy
Listen to meditation bowl
Use a timer, start by a short time like 5 minutes

After seated in position (crossed legged) start the timer and close your eyes and start focusing on your relaxing every part of your body, straighten your back and make sure everything feels comfortable. Spend the rest of the time trying to focus on the sound of the meditation bowl or your breath. This part isn’t easy at all! At least for me since I recently discovered that not everyone has “two minds”, its kinda like two people in one soul – one focuses on something and the other wont stop talking; I have that. If you don’t have that then it would be easier for you. Also I made it hard on myself by setting the timer for 10 minutes which caused me to constantly get in/out of meditation state. What I call “meditation state is the time when you feel your surrounding has gotten darker and your body is being separated from your soul and leaving this empty feeling that somehow felt funny for me and almost made me smile.

After the time was up, I opened my eyes and felt like everything is weird/new to me and my body felt extra sensitive but I got back to normal after a while. I felt very calmed down even though the meditation wasn’t the most successful one done in history of meditating but it was something for me. Meditating made me feel every muscle of my body and felt this pain in my neck that i haven’t noticed before hmmm maybe my head is so heavy from all the bwainzz wahahhaha.

I think meditation would help me in focusing better but its gonna be hard due to the 2 minds thing, I’m not even sure if that’s a condition that should be treated. I kinda sorta thought everyone had it and I’m just stupid because I cant focus/concentrate like everyone else .___. Maybe I’ll google something later, though we all know what the internet always think; cancer. Wtf. Also if i take it to another step by focusing on my breath rather than meditating bowl sound, I’d get over judging myself a lot and anxiety disorder.

I have tried meditating for a second time and i must say there was an improvement, maybe because i changed the timer to 5 from 10. 10 minutes is pretty hard so it was easier for me to concentrate on relaxing.

That’s it for now I guess until I try more meditating methods.



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