Reading and Me.

So you can see this is my account with reading in contrast with Panda’s post. ^_^

Where do I start?…..I AM AN ABSOLUTE BOOKWORM. I love everything about it. Everytime theres something to read im ready ahead of everyone. I read about anything and everything. I cannot resist keeping my eyes away from something im reading. >.> My mum complains i read too much.

You know im one one of these people who sits in the shower and reads the shampoo ingridients…yeah thats me.I smell books because they smell so good ! I prefer soft cover over hardback :3

I read on the couch, while shopping, online, on holiday….etc etc. The fastest time ive finished a book was 4 hours straight {The Fault in our Stars by John Green} because i was so into the book i had Nerd Syndrome.

I get emotional while reading books because my imagination goes extra wild. This is accompanied with back ache from my extreme reading poses and whale noises at said emotional moments.

When i read i very rarely imagine characters faces. Descriptions of faces make my brain a wreck. I get very confused i just skim through. The characters in my mind are featured as shilouttes.

Yes i ship fictional characters and get emotionally trumatized when they die…They give me hope in what i wished real people were like….

Reading is evidence humans can still do magic ♥ Every book you read is just a different arrangement of 26 letter and makes you live a 1000 lives.

Reading sometimes backfires on me x.x it hurts my eyes and doesnt help with my paranoia….I got addicted to reading paramormal stories/ encounters and i got so addicted i was afraid of my own hair at one point…..

I mostly read teen fiction { Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Emily The Strange Series} but i also like literature like { The Pearl of China} and poetry.

I took english literature at school for that reason. My teacher recomended and I did. I fell in love with some poems like {Piano by D.H Lawrence} {Remember by Christina Rosetti} , a biography piece called {Chinese Cinderella} and {Sonnett 116 by Shakespeare}. They stood out to me a lot. I felt reading connected me with these people and their feelings and thoughts.
We also read { To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee} and for a Shakespeare play {Romeo abd Juliet}  I enjoyed them a lot

Reading helps me clear my mind and enter a world of fantasy and never ending imagination. Its a beautiful way to communicate ~

Well o.o im sorry this a hugee post but i love reading so much

♥ Read on Readers♥

×Alice// Cookie


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