Pretty Little Liars finale (SPOILER ALERT)

Hello everyone!

First of all, OH MY GOD!! Did you guys see PLL’s finale (Now you see me, now you don’t) ? If you haven’t, then don’t read this because it would be a MAJOR SPOILER for you.

I completely forgot about the episode because I was very busy with a lot of other stuff going on these days, about two hours ago my friend texts me saying “Oh my god! You have no idea what I just say. Ezra is A.”. Then I died. She thought I watched it, but instead she totally ruined it for me, or that’s what I thought at that time. I can’t seem to find the right word to describe the episode.

I knew that Alison couldn’t be involved in the A thing when they showed us some of the memories about Ali getting the -A texts too. Why would she want her friends to be in the same situation as her?  Everyone watching PLL knew that Alison wasn’t dead and that she was hiding from someone. Just not Ezra. Also I’ve noticed something, who ever joins the -A team gets some kind of super powers, wtf. Ian disappears after being strangled in ropes in a matter of seconds. Jason was in the hospital after the elevator accident that caused him major injuries and disappeared without anyone noticing – I know he wasn’t in the -A team but thats deff an -A move. When Cece fell – she looked like she broke her leg. It isn’t possible to fall from that height without some kind of injury, but again she just disappears and her footsteps wasn’t even heard. Something is just weird. I don’t think they would add any super natural stuff, however I would like to know how the hell do they do it!? I might use it in the future when I need to sneak out of class… XD

Alison dated Ezra, I geddit but why would he want her dead? She couldn’t have possibly known something about him that she shouldn’t because she didn’t know who was bullying her. Its very complicated x_x Maybe Alison got pregnant with Ezra’s baby and got the abortion so he’s torturing her because she “killed” the baby? But she would know it’s Ezra that is sending her those messages. I don’t think she kept the baby .-. I’m trying to figure why would anyone do this, but I just cant seem to find the right reason. It better be something HUGE I might kill myself.

I’m not sure about Aria, but I think she will get involved in the A-team like how spenser did. PLL likes to throw in huge twists that sometimes I think I could be A ~ XD

I thought that Ali’s twin Courtney might be involved (I thought Cece is Ali’s twin). There is an evil twin, right? But that evil? I don’t think that the twin theory is important now. Well it isn’t confirmed yet that there is a twin. Who knows? Trying to figure out what happened to cause all this is harder than chemistry. I think I’ll just have to calm down and forget about PLL for awhile. There should be a season 5 and I expect them to extend it even more to 7 seasons.

My brain is hurting from the thinking *LeSigh*. I gtg too so that’s it for now. Byee ~



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