Random art

Hello everyone!

I don’t really have something to blog about today, but here are some pictures I made (pictures I drew, photo manipulation and digital art)




My sister sent me the galaxy background and asked me to “add” something to it because she felt like it was missing something  and she wanted to use it as her lock screen. I made her 3 versions and she likes one with cupid most but the “DREAM” is my favourite.






Gallery-00_Top Rated-39_iOS7-My-iPhone-4-Wallpaper-iOS7-Default-9-Recovered


I totally love this one! Took a long time from me since I had to cut each skull then search for a spine and again cut and align them together. Also at that time, I had no idea how I wanted the background to look and it was made by accident, a pretty accident 😛 The blue colour is my favourite and red is Alice’s favourite.







I was trying out my pencil colour skills.





Made this for my friend.









Whats your plans for the future?

Hello everyone!
I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but your Panda is now a senior student. Last year in school before I major in something and life actually becomes real because we would use the information we study.

What do I want to major in? Last hear I had like million plans on what I want to do and if this plan doesn’t work I have a plan B but, all these plans have went right out of the window as soon as I was officially a senior. Very stressing! Life would be serious after school because I’d be studying what I’d use in the rest of my life if I find a job.

Another stressing thing is that I’m now 17? Wow, I always imagined people at that age are mature and tall which is quiet the opposite of me. I need to grow like 15cm more to look 17. Usually no one believes I’m 17 TT_TT I’m not sure though if its because I look young or that I’m short or that I stutter when people ask how old am I. “How old are you?” “Umm – uhh – six-seventeen!” -.-#

However, today is different! I’ve made a choice of who I will be. What my job is. Everything.

20130922-010534 PM.jpg
Isn’t it everyone’s dream? Well I’ll probably reach it before anyone does though 😛

We’ll also live in Venice since zombies cant swim so it would be safe, I’ll just have to get out of Venice when its time for killing.

20130922-011628 PM.jpg


Manual vs. Automatic

I wrote this post yesterday but didn’t get the chance to upload it I didnt have school today 😮

Hello everyone!
From the first glimpse at the title, you probably thing post is about cars. Unfortunately its not. Well I’m not really into cars so don’t expect car posts anytime soon 😛

I was at school today waiting for my friend and suddenly the thought about how we blink and if both eyelids close at the same time or is one faster than the other. I put all my attentions in it to see if both my lids close together and I couldn’t not focus because if I tried, then I forget to blink and my eyes start to itch. Unfortunately, there isn’t an undo button. It became manual until I had to go home and forgot about it.

I’m pretty sure it happened with a lot of people too, most common is the breathing. If you focus on the way you breath then try to forget about, you’re suddenly pulled back to it because you almost died from not breathing. How funny would it be if someone died because they forgot to breath? Like seriously, how have you been living the past years? So instead of dying because of a stupid thing and not by an epic way like getting killed in a fight where you were trying to save top secret files that if known, could destroy the world, wtf.

In heaven, others would be sharing how they died from falling of the stairs, eaten by a shark and diseases and you’d be like “I forgot to breath”. All the other dead people would laugh at you. I don’t think anyone would like to be bullied after we die, would we? Wahahahhaha ~ XD

Anyway, I don’t really understand what changes when you realise your body does the job on it’s own and suddenly you have to take control over it. Its like firing an important person in your company and you cant find anyone else to take the job.

If either your breathing or blinking suddenly became manual after reading this please don’t hate me ~ xD. I promise I’ll come up with a better idea to blog about to make it up to youu n.n*

That’s it for today! Buh byee!


Pretty Little Liars Wallpapers 2

Hello Everyone!

I edited some photos for PLL and would like to share them.


Pretty Little Liars Wallpaper @ go4celebrity.com

I just cut out a picture of them and wrote some -A texts behind them nothing special. Here is a trick, add black shadow to the corners of the pictures to make it pop out more/make it look pro.



This one required more work from me since I didn’t know how to create the papers in the back plus I had to make sure the texts look like they are printed on the paper and it hurts my eyes. “is it curved inwards? Outwards?” by the time I was done editing, all of them looked flat to me ~ XD

Also I didn’t add watermarks because when other people do it, it annoys the hell out of me when I use it as my phone’s lock/home screen. You’re welcome xPP

That’s it I guess, sorry about the last PLL edit, I didn’t notice it sucked. Surprisingly that post especially got a lot of views and up till now it still gets views wahahaha.


Belated Birthday Wishes/Gifts

Hello Everyone!

I have turned 17 in August 26, for some reason 17 sounds very old than what I look like now and I don’t feel 17 at all! I always thought year old people would be more mature. I guess I don’t see my self there yet wahahahaha ~ XD

From my friends only 2 people remembered it on the exact day (not from facebook, they actually remembered it), I would like to say 3 because I know she knows its when but she was going through a lot and we didn’t talk that day. The others called me 2 days late (like everyone of my friends) and some even sang to me over the phone, I didn’t dare correct their timings, it was very cute of them!

My guy bestie decided that I should do something that 17 year olds can do but not 16. It was hard to think of anything so I googled and here is what I found on a site (posted by people from different countries so it doesn’t work with all the places):


I have time to bully him until December when he turns 17 WAHAHAHAHA ~ XDD

I had lunch Mum and Sissy and my brother in Peking (chinese restaurant) like almost every year! I swear it has became a tradition for Sissy and I to celebrate our birthdays there! Maybe if the restaurant is still open by the time we have daughters we could take them there for their birthdays to keep the tradition going wtf.


My birthday ice cream! xDD I don’t really enjoy cakes because I don’t eat them :OO yes I know it’s shocking to a lot of peope, but there is very little cakes I like. For example: Tirmasu, cheesecake, ice cream cake and strawberry cakes. I don’t really like the sponge.

Today I went out with Ahmad for like 2 hours I think, it was awesome. when I had to go home, LeMum took me to the gas station’s store and found this awesome hello kitty set.

IMG_8119 IMG_8120 IMG_8122

So cute, right ? I can’t even find the right word :”D I kinda forced my mum to buy it too, she was like “How old are you?! 5?!” but lets face it, her 21 year old daughter loves dolls and teddy bears, Hello Kitty isn’t so childish compared to my sister.

I received a lot of presents and yet not a “happy birthday” yet from LeDad .__. not expecting one anyway but I’d be happy if he says it some day. I’ll share the gifts in another post because I have to go now T__T