Belated Birthday Wishes/Gifts

Hello Everyone!

I have turned 17 in August 26, for some reason 17 sounds very old than what I look like now and I don’t feel 17 at all! I always thought year old people would be more mature. I guess I don’t see my self there yet wahahahaha ~ XD

From my friends only 2 people remembered it on the exact day (not from facebook, they actually remembered it), I would like to say 3 because I know she knows its when but she was going through a lot and we didn’t talk that day. The others called me 2 days late (like everyone of my friends) and some even sang to me over the phone, I didn’t dare correct their timings, it was very cute of them!

My guy bestie decided that I should do something that 17 year olds can do but not 16. It was hard to think of anything so I googled and here is what I found on a site (posted by people from different countries so it doesn’t work with all the places):


I have time to bully him until December when he turns 17 WAHAHAHAHA ~ XDD

I had lunch Mum and Sissy and my brother in Peking (chinese restaurant) like almost every year! I swear it has became a tradition for Sissy and I to celebrate our birthdays there! Maybe if the restaurant is still open by the time we have daughters we could take them there for their birthdays to keep the tradition going wtf.


My birthday ice cream! xDD I don’t really enjoy cakes because I don’t eat them :OO yes I know it’s shocking to a lot of peope, but there is very little cakes I like. For example: Tirmasu, cheesecake, ice cream cake and strawberry cakes. I don’t really like the sponge.

Today I went out with Ahmad for like 2 hours I think, it was awesome. when I had to go home, LeMum took me to the gas station’s store and found this awesome hello kitty set.

IMG_8119 IMG_8120 IMG_8122

So cute, right ? I can’t even find the right word :”D I kinda forced my mum to buy it too, she was like “How old are you?! 5?!” but lets face it, her 21 year old daughter loves dolls and teddy bears, Hello Kitty isn’t so childish compared to my sister.

I received a lot of presents and yet not a “happy birthday” yet from LeDad .__. not expecting one anyway but I’d be happy if he says it some day. I’ll share the gifts in another post because I have to go now T__T



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