Pretty Little Liars Wallpapers 2

Hello Everyone!

I edited some photos for PLL and would like to share them.


Pretty Little Liars Wallpaper @

I just cut out a picture of them and wrote some -A texts behind them nothing special. Here is a trick, add black shadow to the corners of the pictures to make it pop out more/make it look pro.



This one required more work from me since I didn’t know how to create the papers in the back plus I had to make sure the texts look like they are printed on the paper and it hurts my eyes. “is it curved inwards? Outwards?” by the time I was done editing, all of them looked flat to me ~ XD

Also I didn’t add watermarks because when other people do it, it annoys the hell out of me when I use it as my phone’s lock/home screen. You’re welcome xPP

That’s it I guess, sorry about the last PLL edit, I didn’t notice it sucked. Surprisingly that post especially got a lot of views and up till now it still gets views wahahaha.



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