Manual vs. Automatic

I wrote this post yesterday but didn’t get the chance to upload it I didnt have school today 😮

Hello everyone!
From the first glimpse at the title, you probably thing post is about cars. Unfortunately its not. Well I’m not really into cars so don’t expect car posts anytime soon 😛

I was at school today waiting for my friend and suddenly the thought about how we blink and if both eyelids close at the same time or is one faster than the other. I put all my attentions in it to see if both my lids close together and I couldn’t not focus because if I tried, then I forget to blink and my eyes start to itch. Unfortunately, there isn’t an undo button. It became manual until I had to go home and forgot about it.

I’m pretty sure it happened with a lot of people too, most common is the breathing. If you focus on the way you breath then try to forget about, you’re suddenly pulled back to it because you almost died from not breathing. How funny would it be if someone died because they forgot to breath? Like seriously, how have you been living the past years? So instead of dying because of a stupid thing and not by an epic way like getting killed in a fight where you were trying to save top secret files that if known, could destroy the world, wtf.

In heaven, others would be sharing how they died from falling of the stairs, eaten by a shark and diseases and you’d be like “I forgot to breath”. All the other dead people would laugh at you. I don’t think anyone would like to be bullied after we die, would we? Wahahahhaha ~ XD

Anyway, I don’t really understand what changes when you realise your body does the job on it’s own and suddenly you have to take control over it. Its like firing an important person in your company and you cant find anyone else to take the job.

If either your breathing or blinking suddenly became manual after reading this please don’t hate me ~ xD. I promise I’ll come up with a better idea to blog about to make it up to youu n.n*

That’s it for today! Buh byee!



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