Whats your plans for the future?

Hello everyone!
I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but your Panda is now a senior student. Last year in school before I major in something and life actually becomes real because we would use the information we study.

What do I want to major in? Last hear I had like million plans on what I want to do and if this plan doesn’t work I have a plan B but, all these plans have went right out of the window as soon as I was officially a senior. Very stressing! Life would be serious after school because I’d be studying what I’d use in the rest of my life if I find a job.

Another stressing thing is that I’m now 17? Wow, I always imagined people at that age are mature and tall which is quiet the opposite of me. I need to grow like 15cm more to look 17. Usually no one believes I’m 17 TT_TT I’m not sure though if its because I look young or that I’m short or that I stutter when people ask how old am I. “How old are you?” “Umm – uhh – six-seventeen!” -.-#

However, today is different! I’ve made a choice of who I will be. What my job is. Everything.

20130922-010534 PM.jpg
Isn’t it everyone’s dream? Well I’ll probably reach it before anyone does though ūüėõ

We’ll also live in Venice since zombies cant swim so it would be safe, I’ll just have to get out of Venice when its time for killing.

20130922-011628 PM.jpg



3 thoughts on “Whats your plans for the future?

  1. Hi Dew,

    Quite an interesting choice of career you have made there LOL. If I could turn back the clock, I would surely choose to become an expert zombie killer too.. Darn it, I have wasted my life!

    • Hello Helen!
      It is an awesome career, isn’t it? I would tell you it’s not late yet, but I don’t want you to turn me into a zombie and kill me first. Anyway, you’re nice though, maybe I’ll kill you last… ~ XD


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