Sweet Girl Nails

Hello guys!
I’m finally back to nail art, have been lazy the past few month, just used stickers and Ta-Da! Pretty nails, but still nothing is like nail art. Its more exciting and makes me happy.

20131022-100754 PM.jpg
Pretty cute, eh? Very simple but mega pretty!

No brushes or any nail tools needed!

Stuff you need:

Top coat
—->I use top coat as base coat too, I don’t see the difference between top/base coat. Whats the worst that could happen? Like would my nails get confused and think its a nail polish and change its colour?

2 nail polishes.
—->I recommend choosing a light colour and a dark one like I did (turquoise and silver)

1 paperclip/bobby pin/finished ball point pen/tooth pick
—->I personally recommend using a paperclip since there is no need to throw it away like a toothpick and has the right thickness and you can always re bend it back to its original shape unlike bobby pins (why are they called bobby pins?).


20131022-101606 PM.jpg


1. Paint all of your nails with a turquoise polish except for your ring finger.

2. Paint your ring finger with a silver polish.

3. Bend out the paper clip and dip it in silver polish and draw a heart on your middle finger (so if you decide to flip someone of, its more “lady-like” or if you get in trouble you can just say you were showing them your heart :”D).

20131022-103310 PM.jpg
[Drawn in blue in the pic] Start off by drawing to dots beside each other (their thickness should depend on your nail size). [purple] draw a V connecting the 2 dots together from under. [Pink] draw another V to connect the dots together from the top. Finally colour in the space between.

If your hardcore like me, you can do the nail polish’s brush to draw the heart.

I used the first technique to draw it on my right hand (“,)

4. For the rest of your nails leaving out the middle finger and the ring finger draw some polka dots on them. For the longest time ever, doing polka dots was super confusing to me. I have no idea why buy I could never draw them *stupid* T___T heres how~~

20131022-103958 PM.jpg
Draw the dotted line from top to bottom, I personally never got it right when I did it diagonally like how everyone else does. Do the first dotted line in the middle of your nail then do the other lines, again starting from
Top to bottom BUT not aligning the dots with the first dotted line you drew. Though the third line should be aligned with the first line. Geddit? No? I cant explain any further ._. Just try to copy from the picture.

5. Finish of with a fast drying top coat.

That’s it! You’re done.



H&M rings!

Hello guys!
What is one accessory you cant leave the house with? I’d have to say rings! I’m crazy about rings, if I’m not wearing one then I feel weird and alarmed all the time as if I’m missing something.

I’m gonna share a part of my ring collection today so here goes~

20131018-101247 PM.jpg
These are def my favourites! They’re bold and match everything except silver. Wearing 2 rings of these is enough, no more rings needs to be added or maybe even you don’t have to wear a bracelet.

I like to pair them up.
Heart with LOVE
batman with HORROR
GRRR, OH WOW and MEOW together

COLOUR: gold



20131018-102133 PM.jpg
I really like how they are connected by chains. Its so cutee! I especially love that they’re gold and silver – usually I don’t like to mix my silvers with golds, however this time the gold is a bit toned down to look good with silver. Bright gold with silver is a no no for me.

There are two rings (one gold and one silver) smaller than the other. I accidentally wore the smaller ones on my middle finger and it got stuck there for the rest of the day TT_TT the difference is very small and hard to notice but definitely is important so your fingers don’t get stuck in the rings for life.

COLOUR: gold and silver



20131018-102545 PM.jpg
These are my first ever knuckle rings (is it me or does the word “knuckle” look funny?). I love the heart one! Its so cute and simple. I’m usually wearing it. The bling one is also very pretty but I have to stop myself from running my hands through my hair or I might rip a few hairs out.

COLOUR: bling is gold. Heart is gold rose.


20131018-103242 PM.jpg
I think I’ll give this one to Alice. I really love it, but its not my size.

There is one ring smaller than the other so it would fit your knuckle size.

COLOUR: gold and silver



20131018-103817 PM.jpg
SNAKE RINGG! This one is epic, even my mum loved it. She usually doesn’t like things that are unusual or she didn’t grow up seeing it in her life -.-

COLOUR: gold



20131018-104953 PM.jpg
All these rings were all in on pack! 27 rings! I’m usually wearing one ring of these daily.

I pair them up according to colours~
Bronze with gold/gold rose
Silver with black/bronze/gold rose

20131018-110136 PM.jpg
This is how i put them together.
Gold-> Bronze-> Silver/Gold Rose-> Black


You might have noticed how the sizes are not the same and that’s because H&M sizes suckk!!

XSmall fits perfectly on my left hand, but sometimes gets stuck on my right hands same thing with Small! How so? Its just a bit loose, but still could get stuck on my middle finger. Medium is just big!

I anyway wanted to buy Alice a fish ring, however since it came out to be not my size, its going to be hers ^_^ I hope she likes it.

The prices were all good for the amount of rings that I bought. I don’t remember much was each on of them, though the fish ring is the most expensive out of all.


Help me.

Hey everyone ! Im so very sorry i havent blogged in SO long. I have been a bit busy andddd my life isnt interesting.

But ive been having a problem. My brain has been rejecting things i like to do ! Even my veryy amusing hobbies and activities and its been killing me….

I was reading this reallyy awesome John Green book and halfway through i start fighting with like my evil inner brain…and it says “Alice you hate reading” and i hold the book and think….do i really? I started repleling the thought and continued reading.

Just now i was in the shower and thinking of rap songs and started singing Spacebound by Eminem. Then my evil brain says “Alice you hate Eminem and rap” and i again just push the thought out.

I even questioned my love for ANIME ! That means ….i might be mentally unstable  o-o. Not that i dont already know that but…i dont know i dont feel veryy good about this evil part of my thoughts.

Has anyone had this happen to them , if so how is it going / gone?

Till next time~
Alice// Cookie

Neutral makeup – First Pictorial!

Hello everyone!
Today would be the first time I do a pictorial [picture+tutorial]. I really love makeup so I decided to try to do one. Even though my love for makeup is undeniable, I only started going out with makeup on two days ago. Well not specifically 2 days ago, I usually use BB cream and eyeliner and if I’m feeling like dolling up – I use mascara too, but I don’t think I went out with eyeshadow on before. Maybe during a wedding or something.

Annnyway ^_^ I bought a nice eyeshadow palette from essence and I likey, so why no share? Its called essence quattro eyeshadow in 05 to die for


20131017-014607 AM.jpg
I really love the simple packaging! It shows when it gets dirty, it feels like its calling my name to come clean it. “Deww, come clean mehh”

That must be annoying on lazy days ~ XD

The opacity of the colours is pretty good for me. Usually people search for eyeshadows with high pigmentation but I like them not very pigmented. My skin somehow shows the colours more intense then on other people’s skin plus I don’t really want harsh makeup on. If sheer, can always layer it on.

The price is pretty good. Its just for 44 L.E.


20131017-020706 AM.jpg

First colour looks like its beige in the palette though its actually a toned down white? If that makes sense. The second colour is a shimmery pearly pink colour. Fourth is a bronze colour (least pigmented of all). Fifth is a matte brown eyeshadow. They’re all shimmery except the fourth is matte.

Now the pictorial!


20131017-021905 AM.jpg
1. I apply MAKEUP FOR EVER’s Lift Concealer in #3 all over my eye area to hide my eye bags (the concealer isn’t very wallet-friendly) then I apply the first shadow on the middle part of the lid, inner corner and a bit on the brow bone.

2. I dab on the second shadow around where I put the first eyeshadow on the middle of the lids/above the tear duct and the outer corner. Also line under the lower lash line starting from the under the inner corner and stopping 1/3 of the eye – around where your iris starts.

3. Apply the fourth matte brown colour on the outer V and on the crease. Since my eyes are deep set, if I apply right on the crease, it wont be seen so I applied a bit on top of the crease and slightly blend. I add a bit more of the second colour to the outer V and blend it with the brown. make sure there is no hard edges! I applied the matte brown colour on my bottom lash line till it almost met the pearly pink colour and blent them together.

4. I used essence’ I Love Punk Eyeliner in 001 ultra black to thinly line my upper lash line and I ever so slightly wing it in the end. Then Bourjois’ volume glamour mascara in NOIRE ÉBÈNE 06 on my bottom and lower lashes.

TIP: put the brown shadow to the sides of your nose to contour. My nose bridge is already high so I just put where the brow meets the nose and blend downwards.

That’s it!

20131017-032625 AM.jpg

This tutorial was so un planned. I’m staying at my mum’s house and forgot to get my camera so I had to take these photo’s with my iPhone. Since the front camera is so lousy and I had to use the back camera and look in my compact mirror to see if the camera is positioned right plus my room’s lighting is bad so I had to use the flash. I’m blind now x_x” ~~~ with the right applications and the flash, the pictures look pretty good! Better than I expected ^_^

I’ve went out with this makeup for two days now and I really like it. The shimmer in the eyeshadows isn’t that “showy”. Some eyeshadows just make me feel like its saying “LOOK AT THE EYES! LOOK AT THE EFFING EYES” and it hurts my eyes. Not suitable for every day looks and not something I’d wear. I have a baby face so that looks weird on me.

I really love makeup, but usually I avoid going out with it because I’d get addicted. First I started using BB cream and ever since last year I cant live without it. I feel weird when I leave the house without it since I have acne and it helps to remove the redness and reduce their appearance which is what I want. Then I started wearing eyeliner daily and it stopped there. I don’t feel ugly without eyeliner, I just think it makes me prettier. Actually these days I’ve been wearing less liner or I make it thin and in school I put on BB cream only. Sometimes conceal super red pimples.

First pictorial done! Woohooo!

Buh-bye ^_~


Hair care routine

Hello everyone!

Today I’m gonna share with you my hair products that I use after showering. My hair is pretty dry and I’m not really sure how to describe this but the left half of my hair is thicker than the right half. It’s very weird, I had this problem since I was young. I cannot be sure if the hairs itself is thicker on the left side or there are more on the left side. My hair is short/medium length, reaches under my shoulders with almost 2 inches. My hair colour is very debatable, its a light colour – sometimes mistaken for light brown, but its not. The colour is like how a burnt carmel would look… Geddit ? XD The ends are ombred to various blonde shades.



Pantene Ice Shine Serum


I really love this serum! Adds some serious shine to my hair. My hair used to be very dull before I bought this product and now I can’t live without. Even if I’m sleeping over at my cousins and forget to bring it with me, the shine is still there. I usually mix one pump of this is serum with serum #2 and apply it after towel drying my hair.


No Frizz Argan Oil Serum

I use two pumps of this with the Ice Shine serum for moisture. I must say it is ah-mazing! I’ve heard a lot about argan oil before, though I didn’t really look forward to using it since my hair doesn’t suck oil very good. It’s kind of like my hair is cursed to be dry eternity ~ XD needs oil but doesn’t like it. Serums work well with my hair, I guess because molecules are smaller than the ones in oil.


Keratin Silk Protein Leave in Conditioner 


I’m not quite sure if this is the right name ^^” there are a lot of titles on that one soo…. ~ XD I use this after applying the serums to make it possible to brush through my hair and it makes my hair softer.

I tried a lot of products for my hair and these seem to be the best.





How to [not] study

Hello everyone!
Did you guys realise how the brain finds stuff more interesting when you study? Like a fly passing by or what would you major in or if you’ll even pass this subject.

I am now supposedly studying, well I got distracted. The usual.

After an hour of studying I look at the time because I planned to exercise after studying realised that its almost 1am, I thought it was around 3 and I wont have tome for exercising. Finished solving on a chapter, pretty proud and happy because I really enjoy the questions on Ion Analysis. Then I realise I bought grape juice earlier, so I decided to grab some before I start on the other chapter. On my way there I find the salted crackers I bought to eat while studying because I usually get hungry while studying. So I get both, seat myself then start searching for unsolved questions and then I realise I used the apple cup for my juice which I usually use for water only.. Focus focus! Found a question, time to solve *tries to grab a cracker but accidentally dips hand in juice* ahh! *pulls hands out and grabs a tissue, dripping juice on my book* after i dry my hands and the book of course I go back to solving the jinxed question. My brain wonders if there is any fly in the room, why do people find it interesting when studying. Well I’m not any better anyways, I’m letting people who get distracted by flies while studying distract me from studying. Again, back to studying and distracted by how the cracker would taste if i dipped it into the juice (btw not much difference in taste) then on if I should blog about that or not. Here I am blogging…

20131002-011129 AM.jpg

Its just so annoying how easy I get distracted! My exam is on the 31st x.x I’m repeating chemistry so I really need a better mark this time. Is there a job that doesn’t require studying? But not a garbage picker, I hate garbage. Singing isn’t for me and I’m not tall enough to model. FML, time to study TT__TT

P.S. I’ll probably be back to edit this post but for now if I really want a decent job I have to study or find a way to magically grow 30cm more .____.’