How to [not] study

Hello everyone!
Did you guys realise how the brain finds stuff more interesting when you study? Like a fly passing by or what would you major in or if you’ll even pass this subject.

I am now supposedly studying, well I got distracted. The usual.

After an hour of studying I look at the time because I planned to exercise after studying realised that its almost 1am, I thought it was around 3 and I wont have tome for exercising. Finished solving on a chapter, pretty proud and happy because I really enjoy the questions on Ion Analysis. Then I realise I bought grape juice earlier, so I decided to grab some before I start on the other chapter. On my way there I find the salted crackers I bought to eat while studying because I usually get hungry while studying. So I get both, seat myself then start searching for unsolved questions and then I realise I used the apple cup for my juice which I usually use for water only.. Focus focus! Found a question, time to solve *tries to grab a cracker but accidentally dips hand in juice* ahh! *pulls hands out and grabs a tissue, dripping juice on my book* after i dry my hands and the book of course I go back to solving the jinxed question. My brain wonders if there is any fly in the room, why do people find it interesting when studying. Well I’m not any better anyways, I’m letting people who get distracted by flies while studying distract me from studying. Again, back to studying and distracted by how the cracker would taste if i dipped it into the juice (btw not much difference in taste) then on if I should blog about that or not. Here I am blogging…

20131002-011129 AM.jpg

Its just so annoying how easy I get distracted! My exam is on the 31st x.x I’m repeating chemistry so I really need a better mark this time. Is there a job that doesn’t require studying? But not a garbage picker, I hate garbage. Singing isn’t for me and I’m not tall enough to model. FML, time to study TT__TT

P.S. I’ll probably be back to edit this post but for now if I really want a decent job I have to study or find a way to magically grow 30cm more .____.’



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