Hair care routine

Hello everyone!

Today I’m gonna share with you my hair products that I use after showering. My hair is pretty dry and I’m not really sure how to describe this but the left half of my hair is thicker than the right half. It’s very weird, I had this problem since I was young. I cannot be sure if the hairs itself is thicker on the left side or there are more on the left side. My hair is short/medium length, reaches under my shoulders with almost 2 inches. My hair colour is very debatable, its a light colour – sometimes mistaken for light brown, but its not. The colour is like how a burnt carmel would look… Geddit ? XD The ends are ombred to various blonde shades.



Pantene Ice Shine Serum


I really love this serum! Adds some serious shine to my hair. My hair used to be very dull before I bought this product and now I can’t live without. Even if I’m sleeping over at my cousins and forget to bring it with me, the shine is still there. I usually mix one pump of this is serum with serum #2 and apply it after towel drying my hair.


No Frizz Argan Oil Serum

I use two pumps of this with the Ice Shine serum for moisture. I must say it is ah-mazing! I’ve heard a lot about argan oil before, though I didn’t really look forward to using it since my hair doesn’t suck oil very good. It’s kind of like my hair is cursed to be dry eternity ~ XD needs oil but doesn’t like it. Serums work well with my hair, I guess because molecules are smaller than the ones in oil.


Keratin Silk Protein Leave in Conditioner 


I’m not quite sure if this is the right name ^^” there are a lot of titles on that one soo…. ~ XD I use this after applying the serums to make it possible to brush through my hair and it makes my hair softer.

I tried a lot of products for my hair and these seem to be the best.






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