Help me.

Hey everyone ! Im so very sorry i havent blogged in SO long. I have been a bit busy andddd my life isnt interesting.

But ive been having a problem. My brain has been rejecting things i like to do ! Even my veryy amusing hobbies and activities and its been killing me….

I was reading this reallyy awesome John Green book and halfway through i start fighting with like my evil inner brain…and it says “Alice you hate reading” and i hold the book and think….do i really? I started repleling the thought and continued reading.

Just now i was in the shower and thinking of rap songs and started singing Spacebound by Eminem. Then my evil brain says “Alice you hate Eminem and rap” and i again just push the thought out.

I even questioned my love for ANIME ! That means ….i might be mentally unstable  o-o. Not that i dont already know that but…i dont know i dont feel veryy good about this evil part of my thoughts.

Has anyone had this happen to them , if so how is it going / gone?

Till next time~
Alice// Cookie


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