Neutral makeup – First Pictorial!

Hello everyone!
Today would be the first time I do a pictorial [picture+tutorial]. I really love makeup so I decided to try to do one. Even though my love for makeup is undeniable, I only started going out with makeup on two days ago. Well not specifically 2 days ago, I usually use BB cream and eyeliner and if I’m feeling like dolling up – I use mascara too, but I don’t think I went out with eyeshadow on before. Maybe during a wedding or something.

Annnyway ^_^ I bought a nice eyeshadow palette from essence and I likey, so why no share? Its called essence quattro eyeshadow in 05 to die for


20131017-014607 AM.jpg
I really love the simple packaging! It shows when it gets dirty, it feels like its calling my name to come clean it. “Deww, come clean mehh”

That must be annoying on lazy days ~ XD

The opacity of the colours is pretty good for me. Usually people search for eyeshadows with high pigmentation but I like them not very pigmented. My skin somehow shows the colours more intense then on other people’s skin plus I don’t really want harsh makeup on. If sheer, can always layer it on.

The price is pretty good. Its just for 44 L.E.


20131017-020706 AM.jpg

First colour looks like its beige in the palette though its actually a toned down white? If that makes sense. The second colour is a shimmery pearly pink colour. Fourth is a bronze colour (least pigmented of all). Fifth is a matte brown eyeshadow. They’re all shimmery except the fourth is matte.

Now the pictorial!


20131017-021905 AM.jpg
1. I apply MAKEUP FOR EVER’s Lift Concealer in #3 all over my eye area to hide my eye bags (the concealer isn’t very wallet-friendly) then I apply the first shadow on the middle part of the lid, inner corner and a bit on the brow bone.

2. I dab on the second shadow around where I put the first eyeshadow on the middle of the lids/above the tear duct and the outer corner. Also line under the lower lash line starting from the under the inner corner and stopping 1/3 of the eye – around where your iris starts.

3. Apply the fourth matte brown colour on the outer V and on the crease. Since my eyes are deep set, if I apply right on the crease, it wont be seen so I applied a bit on top of the crease and slightly blend. I add a bit more of the second colour to the outer V and blend it with the brown. make sure there is no hard edges! I applied the matte brown colour on my bottom lash line till it almost met the pearly pink colour and blent them together.

4. I used essence’ I Love Punk Eyeliner in 001 ultra black to thinly line my upper lash line and I ever so slightly wing it in the end. Then Bourjois’ volume glamour mascara in NOIRE ÉBÈNE 06 on my bottom and lower lashes.

TIP: put the brown shadow to the sides of your nose to contour. My nose bridge is already high so I just put where the brow meets the nose and blend downwards.

That’s it!

20131017-032625 AM.jpg

This tutorial was so un planned. I’m staying at my mum’s house and forgot to get my camera so I had to take these photo’s with my iPhone. Since the front camera is so lousy and I had to use the back camera and look in my compact mirror to see if the camera is positioned right plus my room’s lighting is bad so I had to use the flash. I’m blind now x_x” ~~~ with the right applications and the flash, the pictures look pretty good! Better than I expected ^_^

I’ve went out with this makeup for two days now and I really like it. The shimmer in the eyeshadows isn’t that “showy”. Some eyeshadows just make me feel like its saying “LOOK AT THE EYES! LOOK AT THE EFFING EYES” and it hurts my eyes. Not suitable for every day looks and not something I’d wear. I have a baby face so that looks weird on me.

I really love makeup, but usually I avoid going out with it because I’d get addicted. First I started using BB cream and ever since last year I cant live without it. I feel weird when I leave the house without it since I have acne and it helps to remove the redness and reduce their appearance which is what I want. Then I started wearing eyeliner daily and it stopped there. I don’t feel ugly without eyeliner, I just think it makes me prettier. Actually these days I’ve been wearing less liner or I make it thin and in school I put on BB cream only. Sometimes conceal super red pimples.

First pictorial done! Woohooo!

Buh-bye ^_~



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