Sweet Girl Nails

Hello guys!
I’m finally back to nail art, have been lazy the past few month, just used stickers and Ta-Da! Pretty nails, but still nothing is like nail art. Its more exciting and makes me happy.

20131022-100754 PM.jpg
Pretty cute, eh? Very simple but mega pretty!

No brushes or any nail tools needed!

Stuff you need:

Top coat
—->I use top coat as base coat too, I don’t see the difference between top/base coat. Whats the worst that could happen? Like would my nails get confused and think its a nail polish and change its colour?

2 nail polishes.
—->I recommend choosing a light colour and a dark one like I did (turquoise and silver)

1 paperclip/bobby pin/finished ball point pen/tooth pick
—->I personally recommend using a paperclip since there is no need to throw it away like a toothpick and has the right thickness and you can always re bend it back to its original shape unlike bobby pins (why are they called bobby pins?).


20131022-101606 PM.jpg


1. Paint all of your nails with a turquoise polish except for your ring finger.

2. Paint your ring finger with a silver polish.

3. Bend out the paper clip and dip it in silver polish and draw a heart on your middle finger (so if you decide to flip someone of, its more “lady-like” or if you get in trouble you can just say you were showing them your heart :”D).

20131022-103310 PM.jpg
[Drawn in blue in the pic] Start off by drawing to dots beside each other (their thickness should depend on your nail size). [purple] draw a V connecting the 2 dots together from under. [Pink] draw another V to connect the dots together from the top. Finally colour in the space between.

If your hardcore like me, you can do the nail polish’s brush to draw the heart.

I used the first technique to draw it on my right hand (“,)

4. For the rest of your nails leaving out the middle finger and the ring finger draw some polka dots on them. For the longest time ever, doing polka dots was super confusing to me. I have no idea why buy I could never draw them *stupid* T___T heres how~~

20131022-103958 PM.jpg
Draw the dotted line from top to bottom, I personally never got it right when I did it diagonally like how everyone else does. Do the first dotted line in the middle of your nail then do the other lines, again starting from
Top to bottom BUT not aligning the dots with the first dotted line you drew. Though the third line should be aligned with the first line. Geddit? No? I cant explain any further ._. Just try to copy from the picture.

5. Finish of with a fast drying top coat.

That’s it! You’re done.



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