~ ☆《Konichiwa》★ ~

Well heres some exiciting news ~ One of many many goals is coming true ! Dew and I are now in  Japanese classes.

Im was very excited but very nervous. I couldnt believe it was really true. I wore my shirt with the japanese flag and a woman in a kimono~  Everyone there seems to like anime and Japanese culture. So i think i might make friends there as we progress.

We started learning Hiragana , the first alphabet in Japanese. Its easy so far ! It all builds on the vowels  A I U E O.  And then a letter is added to the start and it forms a sound like Ka or So.

The teacher asked us if we knew any words and why we are here. My goal is to watch anime with no subs ! She looked like a friendly person , i didnt catch her name though. So ill be calling her Sensei. She understands a bit or Arabic and English.  Shes also quite funny.

I really hope i do well because its my dream to travel to Japan with Panda. So im doing my best studying because we already have a test next time :s !


{My study notes!}


{My Notebook!}

We shall keep you updated !

Ohayo/Konbawa/ Oyasumi !(good morning / good evening/ goodnight ) wherever you are !


-Alice \\ Cookie


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