Nail Stickers Guide

Hello guys!

It has been so long since our last post! I have an excuse though, EXAMS. Yea and guess what? I’m still not done, last exam is on the 18th which will land on monday. Not too worried about it since its an MCQ, however I did really screw up in paper 3 fml TTT_TTT


I think I talked about blogging about nail stickers in my which was a long time ago. Anyway here it is~




Nail stickers are so pretty, its like nail art but looks “cleaner”. Also if you’re like me, you probably find it super hard to draw on your right hand (dominant hand). This just helps make both hand’s nail art look pretty. Nail stickers put your nails through less damage compared to using nail polish because the only thing that could damage your nails in the process is using nail polish remover/acetone but you can opt for a less damaging remover by just using gel hand sanitiser. Its also less time consuming as you already have the designs and everything is put to place for you, you just need to stick it on your nails.


IMG_8938(blogged about rings before


 Depending on the brand you bought not all stickers will have strong glues. I bought two different brands, both were cheep Chinese brands as nail stickers aren’t very popular in Egypt, both didn’t last for 7 days as claimed. There are a lot of designs for you to choose from, but its still not as versatile as drawing with nail polish. Stickers chooses for you which design goes on which finger. You don’t have to be super careful for your nail stickers to rip off as you would with fake nails, but you will still have a part in your brain thinking if it might rip or not while doing certain things.


You’ll need a…

pair of scissors

nail file


and of course the stickers.


1. have a look at the nail sticker sizes and determine which sticker will go on which nail.

+If you want, buff your nails first to make the stickers last longer, I chose not to so I don’t damage my nails.

2. remove sticker from transparent plastic sheet using tweezers.

3. stick the sticker starting from the base of the nail then press it on to stick and push out air bubbles.

4. you should end up with a lot of excess like in picture 1, cut it only leaving around 0.5-1cm.

5. bend it down like in picture 2 then file it off.

+file downwards.

Just an extra tip: I tried to use a base/top coat with nail stickers to make them last longer but it doesn’t work, HUGE FAIL guise, don’t try. Not under, not on top. Nuffin’.


That’s it! I hope you enjoyed and found this post helpful, It was fun trying it out since I really dislike having just a plain nail polish on my nails and I don’t really have the time to draw during exams. Its a step down from the fun of nail art, but its something.

My best friend Ahmad, the one I’m planning to zombiefy the world with ( has started a blog, please check it out!





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