Holidays and A New Year and Me.

As everyone knows the most common sentence now is “Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year”. Smiles , presents , trees and parties…but this year I feel different.

I feel like it is not the usual feeling of happiness I get every year. Something about 2013 makes me feel like a relief to move on to a new year.

I have some plans for next year , but i don’t want to say them outloud this year. I feel like every year i say i will do something then bam….nothing ._. IT REALLY BOTHERS ME.

My outlines though is i want to change things about myself. I want to feel like a new person and experience new things and face some of my fears. I want to meet new people , limit some and get closer to others.

I also feel like theres things im glad that happened in the previous year. People come and go. Lessons learnt and memories made. Happy and sad. Ups and downs that have shaped me for the better and helped construct me.

Im currently in a holiday in which i hope i study and rest and have a good start for the new year. I plan on having a new experience. Make the best of all the time i get !

This year im going to start focusing on the topic of “New Approach” ( very corny yes yes) but its my goal !

I am thankful for this year, I started new things such as japanese lessons with Dew and i couldn’t be happier we are a step closer to our dream! In the future we maybe spend a Christmas together in Japan ♥

I really hope everyone has had a good year with all it brought and ready for a new one to come.

Thank you for taking your time to read! Have a good year and more to come ♥

~Alice// Cookie


Photography+ My trip

Hello everyone!

Merry Christmas! I don’t have Christmas holiday this year -__- stupid school. We used to get 3 weeks off, after getting into high school we only 1 week holiday and now they just decided to take it all away. Hopefully I’ll get out of that hell hole soon. Anyway, being the rebel I am – I skipped a week. Actually I just attend two days a week so I just skipped two days. Traveled to Porto Sokhna with my family minus le dad.


 ImageIt was a short ride. an Hour only I think.



We had a beautiful scenery the whole ride. Hills surrounded us and eventually the sea came on one side. The day we arrived was pretty tiring for sissy and I, I personally find that car rides are uncomfortable when I’m in the backseat, if you’re Arab then you totally know what I mean. Arab parents just like to stuff the car with none sense as long as its called a “trip”. For just an hour ride, le mum had already bought Mcdonald’s lunch and a jam packed a big plastic bag with snacks. I had another bag with me filled with my beauty stuff + my mini purse or big wallet; whatever you want to call it wahaha 😛 also my brother was in the back seat and he’s really fussy about car ride so I was pretty much pushed onto the side with the bags leaning on me -__- thank go I had my headphones.



The next day we decided to try out the teleferique. Mum wanted us to try it so bad because she loved it when she tried it out on her Germany trip she went long time ago. As much as I enjoyed the ride, I would rather go to Germany instead *sob sob sob* My favourite German words are kranke because its funny and warum because it sounds like a car sound effect in cartoons “vroom vroom!” wahahaha.



As soon as it started to move, le brother got scared and screamed for everyone to shut up and sit down. He was like “omigod! were moving” and his paled out, but after he saw how calm the rest of us were, he started enjoying the ride. It was pretty cool though I would have preferred if I was alone on the ride or with less talkative people. I really would have enjoyed the ride if le mum would talk less or would not force us to take so much photos – let us just listen to the music while floating in the air. Sounds better, eh? xP

Also while we were paying, the guy thought I was a kid and was gonna make us pay less since they charge less for kids. If I was just 10cm taller …. Gahh

Our week stay consisted of just having lunch at either Chillis, Studio Masr or Carinos while enjoying the fresh air and sunset. Then we’d go to a cafe for hot drinks.



On the last day, we went for a short fishing trip. The weather was surprisingly warm and the waves were calm unlike the past days, the waves were going mad! The Sailor told us about a trip he had when the waves were high, the tourists he took got dizzy in just the first 10 minutes.



I felt so small in the sea. It was a weird feeling, I wasn’t scared but just being in the middle of the sea made us seem so small.



Le mum didnt catch any fishes this day, she felt like she was feeding the fish not trapping it – the fish outsmarted her, however my brother did manage to catch one :3





ImageNatural bokeh



There used to be a school of fish in this picture but they swam a way right before I pressed the button -___- maybe they’re just shy or president fish was in the middle somewhere so they quickly hid him, wtf.

That was the end of my trip, I’ll try to blog soon about either nail art or a review of BB cream. Hopefully school wont be the end of me XD

UPDATE 09/01/14:

Forgot to share this picture.


Please don’t light a match in teleferique (looks like a person jumped from teleferique and got on fire on his way down, wtf). Please don’t wave to the people under you. Please don’t open the doors. Please don’t be dumb and jump off.


Tips on studying Japanese

Hello guys!
Alice has talked before about us finally finding a place to study Japanese, Narita Academy. We’ve found other places, but always has a problem. Either it was overly priced or to far for both of us. Narita Academy is the best choice if you live in Egypt. Our sensei is Japanese – sensei Shimasu. Our group is def awesome, each single person is different, funny and interesting.

Annnyway, so about the studying. I’m one of those people who doesn’t memorise stuff easily especially that Japanese is 180 degrees away from English and Arabic.

First things first, a good ノート (notebook).

20131201-121235 AM.jpg
I found that having my stuff organised will help me in remembering stuff better. I bought this one because of the six sections. Here is how I divided it:

1. Hiragana Classwork
~~~~ Its not really classwork since we work from notes were given. I would just go home and write what we did in class in this section so I don’t forget where we stopped.

2. Study Chegg – Hiragana
~~~~ This is the interesting part. An app called Chegg Flashcards. I’m not sure if its available for Androids since I don’t own one. What this app does is that it creates flashcards (d-uh!) but without the fuss and waste of papers. It puts the cards in groups as you wish and it counts for you how many you got right and wrong, also the percentage of how many times you got the flashcard right.

20131201-010044 AM.jpg
Just before you use Chegg, you must know the letters or vocab first.

20131201-010529 AM.jpg
I write the group of letter a few times first and as I move to the other letter, for example if I’m doing the H group – I write は a few times until I think I got the hang of it and then I go on repeating the same thing with ひ. I then cover up both letters with a paper and rewrite both of them from my memory and keep doing this for the 3 groups of letters we took that day. Then on a different paper, I open Chegg and start writing the letters in Japanese (I make Chegg show me the english letters and I write down Japanese; make sure you have them set on shuffled so you really know all the letters).

3. Hiragana Vocab
~~~~ Here I obviously write the vocab. Thing is, I divide the paper in 3 different parts: Romaji, The word and definition.

20131201-012825 AM.jpg

Sections 4,5 and 6 are the exact same expect its for Katakana.

I cant say our grades are the best, but we try. I had November exams when I started the course so I wasn’t really studying and I had to skip a class because of traffic before. Skipping classes are the worst because the letters I missed, no matter how much I study, I still mix them upp.

Next lesson will be an “end of level” exam. We have to get at least 70% to go to the next level (which would be grammar). Honestly, Alice and I are freaking out because we don’t have much time to study all the vocabs and katakana is confusing us. Vocab is katakana + hiragana vocab. For katakana, I just need to memorise the letters very good to be able to memorise all the words – the words aren’t hard since english based. Hiragana though >.< a lot of vocab and we have some annoying words, also as soon as we get the exam papers we pretty much forget that were doing Japanese.

Hopefully both of us pass *fingers crossed* gonna start the study tomorrow. Wish us luck! If you have any tips on studying Japanese, please comment how or link us to your post! ありがとう (thank you).

Hope you found this helpful (^_~) さよなら!

-Panda/Dew (also my Japanese name is 💧しずく [Shizuku])