Holidays and A New Year and Me.

As everyone knows the most common sentence now is “Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year”. Smiles , presents , trees and parties…but this year I feel different.

I feel like it is not the usual feeling of happiness I get every year. Something about 2013 makes me feel like a relief to move on to a new year.

I have some plans for next year , but i don’t want to say them outloud this year. I feel like every year i say i will do something then bam….nothing ._. IT REALLY BOTHERS ME.

My outlines though is i want to change things about myself. I want to feel like a new person and experience new things and face some of my fears. I want to meet new people , limit some and get closer to others.

I also feel like theres things im glad that happened in the previous year. People come and go. Lessons learnt and memories made. Happy and sad. Ups and downs that have shaped me for the better and helped construct me.

Im currently in a holiday in which i hope i study and rest and have a good start for the new year. I plan on having a new experience. Make the best of all the time i get !

This year im going to start focusing on the topic of “New Approach” ( very corny yes yes) but its my goal !

I am thankful for this year, I started new things such as japanese lessons with Dew and i couldn’t be happier we are a step closer to our dream! In the future we maybe spend a Christmas together in Japan ♥

I really hope everyone has had a good year with all it brought and ready for a new one to come.

Thank you for taking your time to read! Have a good year and more to come ♥

~Alice// Cookie


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