Perfect Boyfriend List ❤️

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Is that suppose to be the perfect boyfriend list?

1. Every person alive on this (and other planets) planet is taller than me unless they are infants.

2. Why would you go out with someone mean?

3. Okay funny guys go into my list. Not quite sure about the shy thing, like a 2% shy because I’m already shy. I don’t want to be the person asking for dates and trying to start the conversations.

4. Not in public >.>

5. Yes I’d like to be able to hug other guys and not having him jealous. Wtf? All human beings are the jealous type.

6. I don’t really like touching people. Esp if your hands are sweaty.

7. Guys who can draw or sing instantly attract me and probably 90% of the girls alive.

8. If you ever want to be in a relationship, i think you should be caring and respecting.

9. I really hope that he’s not in my school. I cant spot anyone attractive in that damned school.

10. Its a must. I don’t wanna go out with someone who thinking I’m ugly, d-uh!

11. If i love you, suddenly you become cute so i wont notice if you have bad teeth or anything XD

12. Yes please! I’m sick of buying guy shirts.

13. If he’s Egyptian then i don’t have to add that to the list. Its almost a tradition to tease everyone around you if you’re Egyptian.


15. Yea right. Forever pffft -___-

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Incase you cant see the translation in red, it says “then why do people get in relationships”

Yea. My perfect boyfriend list:
1. Chocolate

I found this picture on 9gag which you’re suppose to choose between 3 options and live with it the rest of your life.

20140130-012009 am.jpg

I’d like to be intelligent and good looking.

After a look at the triangle i realised irl I’m non of these, sad eh? But I’m a positive person so here is what i did

20140130-012217 am.jpg

My own vain pink triangle of only me and it GLOWSS! How awesome is that? Ya’ll can sweat together in all 3 corners of the crowded triangle hmphh! I have my own fucking triangle.

Wahahahaha so I’m gonna end it here since I’m very tired! Good night lovelies!



Cancer Art

20140127-054428 pm.jpg
Hello everyone!
So I drew the afro girl few months ago. People would comment on how pretty it is but the hair line is too far, needed to closer to her face. I wanted the girl to be bald but still has hair – not normal hair though. Hair of imagination. The girl was bald but she created her own hair. Not everyone can see it thus the hair line is doesn’t start where it should start. People continue to see her bald head but she sees herself differently. She added makeup on her face like other girls do but did not cry because she doesn’t have hair like other girls do. She worked with what she has and she’s happy with the way she is.

I coloured her face using pastel pitt from faber castell and watercolours for the galaxy afro. However the stars are made with gouache/poster colours.

I have to admit. I drew this picture inspired by a pic I saw on they aren’t the exact same though. The original’s hair is photoshopped, hair line is where anyone has hair is and she’s slightly smiling. I didn’t want mine to smile. I wanted her to look charismatic and sucked into her imagination. Something else I’d like to say is that the idea of her balding didn’t inspire me to draw her that way, it just came to me when I was finished with her.


My Best Friend

Hello everyone!
My bestie wrote this awesomesause … “Thing” – idk what is it suppose to be called, an essay on life? I would say a diary post but he’d tell me men don’t keep diaries. Annnyway XD I’m just gonna paste it here so you guise could read it because we both would like to share it. Buckle up your seat belts and ready yourselves since this is a long post.



He woke up thinking about her, not the girl he loves no she broke his heart a long time ago, he was thinking about his best friend, she hurt him the day before, which wasn’t the peculiar part he was used to people doing that, what really confused him was how he felt afterwards. She made him feel pathetic and that made him angry, not the feeling he used to get before, usually he felt like it was the inevitable happening “I deserve it” he thought.
No he didn’t deserve it he was a normal boy drowning in problems caused by people that didn’t care that it was overwhelming him because he listened in a world that turned listening into a lost art so they would talk about their problems and he would feel bad for them and then they would lash out because he didn’t know what to say but to him words were useless, they were just words what difference did it make if he used them for love or hate they would never actually listen the just liked the gesture and he wasn’t interested in wasting his breath. Ironically he would listen to the insults and he would let them stab him in the back and humiliate him because he didn’t know what else to do, they were all he had. For the first time in his life he was thinking “I don’t deserve this, this isn’t even my fault.” It was beautiful, after 17 years he finally understood that other people having problems didn’t justify the way he was treated. Could it be that the sessions with the therapist had actually worked? Right now that didn’t matter what mattered was his best friend he would have to fix things with her because even though it wasn’t even his fault, she was his best friend and that’s what friends do.
He felt numb, he simply felt like he did not give a fuck, and it felt exquisite he loved days like these no matter what happened today it wouldn’t matter. He called his dad, who took his time to make fun of him for going to a therapist, he told him that his sister was really upset and that he should call her and make sure she was okay. After it was done he felt nothing, no anger, nothing I guess the world does grant some wishes. He thought of death but he proceeded to think about his dream of a small house with a dog and a wife that made going home something to look forward to, it wasn’t much but it was what happiness and freedom looked like. “I wish people would realize that happiness is simple it’s basically just loving what you’re doing.” Maybe happiness is what you think you can never get or was that greed? He could never tell. He was going about his normal daily routine when he saw that the girl he liked had texted him, he still felt numb so he didn’t get that usual happy feeling, I guess there’s a downside to everything. He texted her back thinking about what his therapist told him “Pick the girl that supports you” he had said he wondered if she was the supportive type, she had listened to him when he was actually talking to her and she was opening up to him. It’s funny how the world works. He met her through a mutual friend, Courtney, her best friend, incidentally Courtney’s other best friend Courtney 2, which is what he liked to call her for obvious reasons, had told him she wasn’t interested in being his friend the first met because “It’s enough I have to listen to Courtney talk about you I don’t want to have to talk to you to.” He told her he wasn’t interested in talking to replicas so she needn’t worry her little head, which earned him a death stare but it was definitely worth it. The girl he liked, Jennifer was really cool and she obviously liked what he had to say, he wasn’t sure if she liked him back or not, to him it didn’t really matter that much he always thought he was lucky when he liked a girl because it always meant she was special and having someone special in your life should always cheer you up.
His opinions were usually weird; he also saw no point in keeping things a secret he simply didn’t care if people said things about him anymore. Why should I care about the judgment of people I would never have as friends. He went to his room to read his head was flooded with his own thoughts, he needed something to ground him and a book seemed like the perfect solution, but while he was looking for a book he was contemplating how he had come to accept his flaws he hoped others would do the same. Maybe I’ll end up saving the world, God knows they need saving.


P.S. He got an A* in English second lang.

PP.S. I used to copy his homework.

PPP.S. I got a B, wtf XD

Pretty Pin


Hello! :3 So today my friend gave me my set of pretty pins i ordered ! She made the rainbow one herself and she makes many more pretty designs ~ I wore it all day and till now hehe . Love it.

I’ve been quite hyper lately due to going crazy about exams and eating lots of chocolate 😀 Yay for being hyperrr woooh!
I might have been scaring or emotionally scarring my friends at school…but they get used to it, don’t they?  Also been hearing lots of weird and awkward experiences and things that make me laugh for hours ! :”3 Oh dearrrr.

I will be posting some drawings and arts and crafts soon! Also some photography ideas ;D So look forward to that !

I shall now go claim my pizza for lunchh yummehhh!

See you later !

Alice//Cookie ~♥

Happy Pills

… I’m sure all of us wanted to have “happy Pills” in a lot of times of our lives. These past two days have been too sad for me and apparently my mum too. Something about I’d like to share is that I can sometimes control how I want to feel. I hate being sad. I just have to remember or create something happy/funny in my mind and BAM! I’m happy. Of course it doesn’t always work, but I always try. Whats fun in being sad? Anyway, not everyone can make/force them self to forget the sadness or get out of depression, so I wanted to share how do I make myself happy. I’d love to help people get out of their sadness because I know too well how depression can ruin your life and if you manage to jump out of it – if you’ve got anxiety disorder like myself – your brain will criticize every way you used to think or act and make you want to burn yourself down.


I managed to get myself out of the two day long sadness by getting out of the house. I live with my dad and he comes home late. Like very late, so sitting alone all day brings a high risk of me getting back into depression. Especially that I do like staying home alone, makes it hard for me to realise I need to get out and talk to people.


Today I called my mum and pretty much forced her to come pick me up so we could go out. My mum is definitely a happy pill for me. Followed by chocolate of course. chocolate is love, chocolate is happiness, chocolate is life :”) … I need therapy for my chocolate addiction. Wahahhahahahaha XDD


We went straight to House Of Cocoa, of course. This store is going to get us broke for sure. Amazing chocolate, major expensive.


Chocala definitely adds colour to my life. I just hope it does’t get till the point of hallucinations XD





I decided to hide the GNAW strawbie choco before my dad gets home and try the hot choco spoon.

It didn’t not taste like how I expected. I was suppose to use a bigger mug because it was so concentrated and add hot milk instead of boiling water I think, FML.  I was not sure milk would work in my case since I warm it in the microwave. Also you need a lot of sugar to taste. I felt vomity when I tasted it without any sugar, it could be that I used water instead of milk though lololol. I drank some of it and then added milk and warmed it, def tasted better but I still should’ve used a bigger mug. I think I’d like to try it at the store first and see how they do it. At 23L.E. thats probably the cheapest thing they sell.

I made this mug using a sharpie – doesn’t work well so I recommend you don’t try it. I wrote “don’t let the muggles get you down” :3 made it for my bestie but since it wont last I’m gonna keep it and print him one.

We bought some a lot of chocolate then headed to sit at Brioche Doree.


LOL at the waiters. They look like they’re fanboying over something, smh XD A lot of places are too lazy to remove the christmas and new year’s decorations *yawn* can you blame them? On a totally different note, How pretty does my purse/wallet look?




I bought new Faber-Castell pastel pitts colours and pwetty gold beads on my way home.



I guess that’s it. Just 2-3 hours a day and I feel happy till now, which is 3:43 in the morning, FML. I need to sleep. I’m just too scared to wake up to something that would ruin my happy mood. Whenever I get so happy something happens to pull me back down to Earth. Sad, I know. Whats the point of trying to feel happy when everything around me aims to throw me into depression again? The feeling of being happy for at least 5 minutes is good for me. I’m not greedy. I’ll grab whatever I can get and will never stop (hopefully). I day dream about a lot of stuff that I want to happen in the future. Like, I want this blog to become successful – whatever it takes to do, I will do. I dream about becoming a successful interior designer. I dream about travelling a lot. I dream about meeting people, because no matter how much friends I have now, I still feel alone. I dream about making my country, Egypt, a better place. I dream about being able to help people not just stand there listening to what they’re saying and being able to do a thing. I dream about being pretty and so far this is the only thing I am able to work on.

Life is Like a car, right? But I’m not in the driving seat. I can’t drive without my license and my license is hidden somewhere. I cannot find it yet, but I will find it someday.

Good Night ❤


P.S. ~ mail me whenever you want, I’d be happy to offer help.

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PPP.S. I just discovered this song by Mohammed Mounir, its nice :3



Catching up – Cairo Festival City

Hello everyone!

I have buttload of stuff to share. I’ve been lazy and since most stuff I’m gonna share are so overdue, it kinda lost it’s vibe. However, nothing special happened today and remembering good memories would always make me happy.


This was back in November:


We (Sissy+Mum+Bro) went to Festival City and spent pretty much the whole time in Toys’R’us checking out toys and using the Gacha Machine. I think I finished my money on the Gacha machine that day. One coin for 10L.E. wtf -____-” when mum decided to try it too it made mew feel better that I wasn’t the only one willing to waste money on that machine. 


I played the Super Mario machine to get the life shroom. Made mum promise if she gets the life mushroom she’ll give it to me. My first win was a dead turtle. I win, right? because the turtle killed itself before I even jumped on it.



Of course mum has to be so lucky. She won a rare item on the first try. Gahh why aren’t I that lucky? I asked mum if she would exchange the turtle with the mushroom and she wouldn’t agree. Like the babies we are – we stood in front of the machine fighting over it. Trying to pry it from her hands wouldn’t work so I bit her and by then everyone had their eyes on us. wahhahahaha XD I didn’t give two hoots though #gotthemushroom.


we played a few more times and I ended up with another dead turtle while mum was playing on the Pokemon machine trying to win Snorlax. She doesn’t know who the hell is he, she just said that he is fat and cute. Snorlax wouldn’t pop out of the machine though, she won another pokemon that I don’t remember. Eventually she came back to the Super Mario machine and again she won something I wanted.


Yep… Another rare item that I needed, if only it could actually make me bigger! again with the fighting over it and biting. People came and asked us about the game xD 


I won fucking Disney games from a Super Mario machine. I don’t even understand how they mixed both up. I disliked Disney items though, because you have to put the parts together to create character and since they are made out of rubber, they are so effin’ hard to put together. If you look at Pluto’s eyes you can see its missing a part and it makes him look like he has one pupil. I lost the part and it wouldn’t fit in anyway. I own a disabled rubber dog. 



Cutest of them all! Just look at how adorable he is. Le Mum ended up taking one of the Dumbos and let me take everything else xD Please ignore my santa night gown :’) 


Gonna post s tutorial for the bow nails soon ^-^ yay?


How did you guys spend up your new year’s eve? Alice slept over. I think I want to post the pictures from that day, I’ll just have to get back to Alice about that and finish editing them. We only edited 2 wtf -.- major lazy.


I updated my Photography+ My Trip post so please check it out 😀 


buh byee~~