Catching up – Cairo Festival City

Hello everyone!

I have buttload of stuff to share. I’ve been lazy and since most stuff I’m gonna share are so overdue, it kinda lost it’s vibe. However, nothing special happened today and remembering good memories would always make me happy.


This was back in November:


We (Sissy+Mum+Bro) went to Festival City and spent pretty much the whole time in Toys’R’us checking out toys and using the Gacha Machine. I think I finished my money on the Gacha machine that day. One coin for 10L.E. wtf -____-” when mum decided to try it too it made mew feel better that I wasn’t the only one willing to waste money on that machine. 


I played the Super Mario machine to get the life shroom. Made mum promise if she gets the life mushroom she’ll give it to me. My first win was a dead turtle. I win, right? because the turtle killed itself before I even jumped on it.



Of course mum has to be so lucky. She won a rare item on the first try. Gahh why aren’t I that lucky? I asked mum if she would exchange the turtle with the mushroom and she wouldn’t agree. Like the babies we are – we stood in front of the machine fighting over it. Trying to pry it from her hands wouldn’t work so I bit her and by then everyone had their eyes on us. wahhahahaha XD I didn’t give two hoots though #gotthemushroom.


we played a few more times and I ended up with another dead turtle while mum was playing on the Pokemon machine trying to win Snorlax. She doesn’t know who the hell is he, she just said that he is fat and cute. Snorlax wouldn’t pop out of the machine though, she won another pokemon that I don’t remember. Eventually she came back to the Super Mario machine and again she won something I wanted.


Yep… Another rare item that I needed, if only it could actually make me bigger! again with the fighting over it and biting. People came and asked us about the game xD 


I won fucking Disney games from a Super Mario machine. I don’t even understand how they mixed both up. I disliked Disney items though, because you have to put the parts together to create character and since they are made out of rubber, they are so effin’ hard to put together. If you look at Pluto’s eyes you can see its missing a part and it makes him look like he has one pupil. I lost the part and it wouldn’t fit in anyway. I own a disabled rubber dog. 



Cutest of them all! Just look at how adorable he is. Le Mum ended up taking one of the Dumbos and let me take everything else xD Please ignore my santa night gown :’) 


Gonna post s tutorial for the bow nails soon ^-^ yay?


How did you guys spend up your new year’s eve? Alice slept over. I think I want to post the pictures from that day, I’ll just have to get back to Alice about that and finish editing them. We only edited 2 wtf -.- major lazy.


I updated my Photography+ My Trip post so please check it out 😀 


buh byee~~





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