Happy Pills

… I’m sure all of us wanted to have “happy Pills” in a lot of times of our lives. These past two days have been too sad for me and apparently my mum too. Something about I’d like to share is that I can sometimes control how I want to feel. I hate being sad. I just have to remember or create something happy/funny in my mind and BAM! I’m happy. Of course it doesn’t always work, but I always try. Whats fun in being sad? Anyway, not everyone can make/force them self to forget the sadness or get out of depression, so I wanted to share how do I make myself happy. I’d love to help people get out of their sadness because I know too well how depression can ruin your life and if you manage to jump out of it – if you’ve got anxiety disorder like myself – your brain will criticize every way you used to think or act and make you want to burn yourself down.


I managed to get myself out of the two day long sadness by getting out of the house. I live with my dad and he comes home late. Like very late, so sitting alone all day brings a high risk of me getting back into depression. Especially that I do like staying home alone, makes it hard for me to realise I need to get out and talk to people.


Today I called my mum and pretty much forced her to come pick me up so we could go out. My mum is definitely a happy pill for me. Followed by chocolate of course. chocolate is love, chocolate is happiness, chocolate is life :”) … I need therapy for my chocolate addiction. Wahahhahahahaha XDD


We went straight to House Of Cocoa, of course. This store is going to get us broke for sure. Amazing chocolate, major expensive.


Chocala definitely adds colour to my life. I just hope it does’t get till the point of hallucinations XD





I decided to hide the GNAW strawbie choco before my dad gets home and try the hot choco spoon.

It didn’t not taste like how I expected. I was suppose to use a bigger mug because it was so concentrated and add hot milk instead of boiling water I think, FML.  I was not sure milk would work in my case since I warm it in the microwave. Also you need a lot of sugar to taste. I felt vomity when I tasted it without any sugar, it could be that I used water instead of milk though lololol. I drank some of it and then added milk and warmed it, def tasted better but I still should’ve used a bigger mug. I think I’d like to try it at the store first and see how they do it. At 23L.E. thats probably the cheapest thing they sell.

I made this mug using a sharpie – doesn’t work well so I recommend you don’t try it. I wrote “don’t let the muggles get you down” :3 made it for my bestie but since it wont last I’m gonna keep it and print him one.

We bought some a lot of chocolate then headed to sit at Brioche Doree.


LOL at the waiters. They look like they’re fanboying over something, smh XD A lot of places are too lazy to remove the christmas and new year’s decorations *yawn* can you blame them? On a totally different note, How pretty does my purse/wallet look?




I bought new Faber-Castell pastel pitts colours and pwetty gold beads on my way home.



I guess that’s it. Just 2-3 hours a day and I feel happy till now, which is 3:43 in the morning, FML. I need to sleep. I’m just too scared to wake up to something that would ruin my happy mood. Whenever I get so happy something happens to pull me back down to Earth. Sad, I know. Whats the point of trying to feel happy when everything around me aims to throw me into depression again? The feeling of being happy for at least 5 minutes is good for me. I’m not greedy. I’ll grab whatever I can get and will never stop (hopefully). I day dream about a lot of stuff that I want to happen in the future. Like, I want this blog to become successful – whatever it takes to do, I will do. I dream about becoming a successful interior designer. I dream about travelling a lot. I dream about meeting people, because no matter how much friends I have now, I still feel alone. I dream about making my country, Egypt, a better place. I dream about being able to help people not just stand there listening to what they’re saying and being able to do a thing. I dream about being pretty and so far this is the only thing I am able to work on.

Life is Like a car, right? But I’m not in the driving seat. I can’t drive without my license and my license is hidden somewhere. I cannot find it yet, but I will find it someday.

Good Night ❤


P.S. nodi_268@yahoo.com ~ mail me whenever you want, I’d be happy to offer help.

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PPP.S. I just discovered this song by Mohammed Mounir, its nice :3




2 thoughts on “Happy Pills

  1. Ah.. Sad days n depression. Something I can relate to.
    It’s weird. Sometimes they just come and when I go out for a walk, I feel worse when I have to go home.. haha.. sucks.. Anyway, for me, usually I just try to let loose on the feeling and then it will slowly subside..

    Nice blog btw ^^


    • Yea I try to do that too, but doesn’t always work when people around you constantly bring you down. Not easy to get rid of them since they’re family and I cant complain since I don’t really show how I feel so they have no idea what they’re doing.

      Thanks for your comment, sweety. (^ν^)

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