Pretty Pin


Hello! :3 So today my friend gave me my set of pretty pins i ordered ! She made the rainbow one herself and she makes many more pretty designs ~ I wore it all day and till now hehe . Love it.

I’ve been quite hyper lately due to going crazy about exams and eating lots of chocolate 😀 Yay for being hyperrr woooh!
I might have been scaring or emotionally scarring my friends at school…but they get used to it, don’t they?  Also been hearing lots of weird and awkward experiences and things that make me laugh for hours ! :”3 Oh dearrrr.

I will be posting some drawings and arts and crafts soon! Also some photography ideas ;D So look forward to that !

I shall now go claim my pizza for lunchh yummehhh!

See you later !

Alice//Cookie ~♥


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