Perfect Boyfriend List ❤️

20140129-115512 pm.jpg
Is that suppose to be the perfect boyfriend list?

1. Every person alive on this (and other planets) planet is taller than me unless they are infants.

2. Why would you go out with someone mean?

3. Okay funny guys go into my list. Not quite sure about the shy thing, like a 2% shy because I’m already shy. I don’t want to be the person asking for dates and trying to start the conversations.

4. Not in public >.>

5. Yes I’d like to be able to hug other guys and not having him jealous. Wtf? All human beings are the jealous type.

6. I don’t really like touching people. Esp if your hands are sweaty.

7. Guys who can draw or sing instantly attract me and probably 90% of the girls alive.

8. If you ever want to be in a relationship, i think you should be caring and respecting.

9. I really hope that he’s not in my school. I cant spot anyone attractive in that damned school.

10. Its a must. I don’t wanna go out with someone who thinking I’m ugly, d-uh!

11. If i love you, suddenly you become cute so i wont notice if you have bad teeth or anything XD

12. Yes please! I’m sick of buying guy shirts.

13. If he’s Egyptian then i don’t have to add that to the list. Its almost a tradition to tease everyone around you if you’re Egyptian.


15. Yea right. Forever pffft -___-

20140130-124106 am.jpg
Incase you cant see the translation in red, it says “then why do people get in relationships”

Yea. My perfect boyfriend list:
1. Chocolate

I found this picture on 9gag which you’re suppose to choose between 3 options and live with it the rest of your life.

20140130-012009 am.jpg

I’d like to be intelligent and good looking.

After a look at the triangle i realised irl I’m non of these, sad eh? But I’m a positive person so here is what i did

20140130-012217 am.jpg

My own vain pink triangle of only me and it GLOWSS! How awesome is that? Ya’ll can sweat together in all 3 corners of the crowded triangle hmphh! I have my own fucking triangle.

Wahahahaha so I’m gonna end it here since I’m very tired! Good night lovelies!



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