Alice’s Art Frenzy

Hello lovely people! Lately i’ve been very into art and trying new ideas. Its going pretty well actually ! I enjoy working on all pieces and trying new concepts :0 Bought pretty awesome art materials as well. (Which im guessing how to use…) but ill get there !

Here are the pieces I made :







Aaanddd work in progress :


This one is for an art trade , but haven’t finished it yet.

Ive started using charcoal and pitt pastel (Dew told me about them :0 shes the artist) ! They are pretty good and better than normal colour pencils.

Also want to try using spray paint again soon. I just put my cans in a safe place (i.e no where to be found..) and so will do that then. Hahahaha…

Im working on other stuff as well . Also want to start taking makeup lessons from Dew because i feel like a noob in that department of art..oh dear..

Now i shall go back to reading some manga and drink more tea !

Have a good day/ night ♥
-Alice //Cookie


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