New hair colour! – red panda

I dyed my hair reddish on Valentines day aka full moon day aka werewolf day.

Its not really as red as I wanted it to be because my hairdresser was scared to add more red since my hair is already light colour and I had already ombre’d my hair from my natural dark blonde to light blonde (several tones of blonde). She was scared it will come out too

20140216-030133 pm.jpg

20140216-030159 pm.jpg

Instead of having a cool undertone for my hair, now its warm. I still have blonde in some places, esp shows in the back of my hair.
Old hair:

20140216-031035 pm.jpg

New hair:

20140216-030513 pm.jpg

Its a pretty good colour as I decided on going to prom with a totally different hair colour. Like big change. Pink or more obvious red.

I’ve been having second thoughts about going to prom. Idk why but prom is scary. Im celebrating the last year in school with mostly people who I don’t like or I don’t even know. I’m just going for the sake of the dresses. I balanced out the cons and pros of prom and the pros won by one reason.

20140216-031922 pm.jpg

This is how I sometimes settle arguments between myself. I do like a voting thing.

20140216-032135 pm.jpg

20140216-032335 pm.jpg

I got gifts one valentine… From my mum XDD WAHAHHAA at least I got something xPP

I’ve been chatting with this guy friend whom I used to crush on. Actually not really crush on. I was attracted to him at first, but I think it just faded away. Now I don’t know how I feel about him.

He asked if I had a date and I said no. The conversation made me feel like it would result in some flirting but it didn’t. Later I opened Instagram to find that he has a gf and he never told me about her. Not sure why he didn’t. It kinda confused me but he’s nice to me so I’m guessing he’s just like this to everyone.

I have buttload of homework to do plus I’m sick so I’ll be major slow. I should get started now. Goodbyeee!



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