Today♥( with Cookie and Deww)

Today was a really awesome one , because i got to spend it with Deww ♥

We exchanged Valentine’s presents ( a but late but worth it) ! I was so happy to see her after quite a long time ~

We had lunch together at Peking , i think she owns the store. We tried a new salad which was great but there was this weird ingredient…i dont know what it is xD


                    Yummy fried rice !       Recommended by my asain food expert


                         {My Gift ♥}

But my favourite was the card


Also heres a smexy me by Dew:


We did a heck of walking and some supply shopping
-IWasLateBuyingTheRestOfMyGift- so i had to pretend i was buying the stuff for me -hehehehe- so she didnt expect. I finally found the perfect snow-globe design i wanted to get her , had an Eiffel tower and a heart and said “Dream a princess Dream ” or something close and a mug she picked out .

Then Deww bought me hot Coconut Choco hot drink. Yummzy. And we bought choco (which was also so yummyy) . And  we got some art supplies .

Had lots of laughs , some tears of joy and a warm hug.. >(^_^)< and LOTS of Food (No regrets).

I really loved today ♥ Made me super happy.

I hope you get to see your bestfriend too ~ {♥}~

Arigatou, Deww  ^-^

-Joyful Alice// Cookie


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