Shopping – Only

Hello! Today i went shopping for some mid-season , cute clothes image Most of them are comfortable chic sweaters / jumpers (Don’t know what theyre called ) , one T – shirt and a pair of gorgeous shoes .o. image            The quote describes me xD image         I really love the print/ design here image Bought this mainly because of the text hahahah. image         This one reminds me of comics ! image Undershirt for the anchor shirt . Really loved the lace. image Cutest colour mix and design here {♥} image And lastly this one , i didnt really like it much but my mum picked it out and wasnt bad! And finally the shoes : image Here they are in action : image image And this outfit i really like together 😮 image This is my fav thingie from HnM ive been addicted to wearing lately image        Says (Aimer la Vie) (Love life) Well lovelies that was what the spree had concluded with today ! Pretty excited to try them on the real catwalk and be dressy xD. Thanks for reading ! Alice// Cookie


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