Lately i’ve been going through exam times (and still in the process). This has made me more in touch with my emotional side a lot more often than usual.
Im not seeing my friends as often , im surpressing anger and tiredness into myself , because i don’t like to burden people with my problems.

This has made me realise im a very dependand person and i hate that. I require someone to share with. I dont have much company since im an only child and being away from friends is really hitting me hard.

Not to mention, next year i have a forced gap year, since theres something wrong with my years of school blah blah. This means all my friends are off to college ….leaving me alone …. i know its selfish to ask for people to ask about me when theyre busy but it really means a lot .

Ive been in bad moods and changing my good habbits to bad. Im scared to failing my exams and my social life.

My next option is just to distance myself from others to get used to being alone.

I find it hard to open up to people now even the ones close to me and the least things bother me and i cry a lot. Im starting to like the idea of being an intovert. Because i can never get hurt.

I think its starting to be a problem but theres no way around it but to just let it pass by. Maybe its all just stress. But i dont want anyones help because people just judge.

I wish i could somehow just take the people i love to somewhere nice and away and spend time with them.

-sigh- sorry this is just a venting post i really needed to share.

Have a happy day


Nail Polishes Reviews

I have not blogged in a really long time I don’t know what would happen when I start college -.- anyway I bought nail polishes and I’d like to share my review on them ^_^

20140509-084314 pm.jpg
Essence Studio Nails Pro White Hardener
ignore my sexy baby legs in the frame I’m seriously in love with it! My nails are pretty weak and two coats of this seems to strengthen them. I use it as a base coat mainly, but its also suppose to whiten yellow stained nails it doesn’t do the best job on this one though – maybe 3-4 works but sometimes it feels to heavy on my nails. I had my nails stained for a really long time and it wouldn’t fade at all so I used this and I noticed that looking from my nails from afar – it does a good job on blurring the yellow-ness.

20140509-090853 pm.jpg
You can see the polish has a cool hue to it which neutralises the stains.

20140509-091109 pm.jpg
Catrice Brushed Metal Effect in 890 How I Matt Your Mother. First of all, I love the pun in the name x’D cant get over it.
The colour is a deep purple colour, reminds me of Nana Osaki. It is really pigmented but I’d recommend adding a very thin coat at first then add the second coat with the amount you usually use. This way it avoids the risk of having it melt when adding a top coat though its not really needed since it dries matt. Takes 2-3 days for it to start chipping but it mostly depends on how harsh are your daily activities. The thick brush is kind of hard to control or get the corners of the nails but i guess its what gives the polish the “metal effect.

20140509-092216 pm.jpg
H&M’s Glitter Nail Polish3D Glitter. I was really excited about that one as H&M in Egypt never sold cosmetics. Its expensive selling at 59LE. Tbh I don’t understand who put these prices, lipstick, lip pens and polishes all same price. Wtf?

20140509-093221 pm.jpg
It was kinda hard for me to get the hang of applying this at first and getting a lot of glitter on my nail. I figured the best way is to apply a big dot at first on the base of the nail (if you have a wide nail bed, pat and spread the dot to cover the base) then pull it upwards. The glitter looks like shattered glass which is really cute! Its a cool toned glitter (purple, blue and green. Kinda like a mermaid!). Its also pretty long lasting – I forgot my top coat at my dad’s house so I had to go on without it and it doesn’t really chip off. Maybe on some certain nails that are really curved from the sides but it actually holds up good!

20140509-093928 pm.jpg
So cute, right?

20140509-094002 pm.jpg
Essence Studio Nails Caring Oil. This is my first nail oil I buy and i have to say I’m impressed! It has a very yummy fruity smell, I think its apricot? But its not so strong to be annoying. It did moisturise my cuticles, I noticed they looked “healthier” but if I forget to apply the oil for a while, they get really dry and look ugly. So I guess I’ll have to keep up with it. It doesn’t absorb fast, takes a while but the shine doesn’t bother me.

I guess that’s it for now. I should post soon since I have tutorials for nail art and a Japanese soup recipe.