Lately i’ve been going through exam times (and still in the process). This has made me more in touch with my emotional side a lot more often than usual.
Im not seeing my friends as often , im surpressing anger and tiredness into myself , because i don’t like to burden people with my problems.

This has made me realise im a very dependand person and i hate that. I require someone to share with. I dont have much company since im an only child and being away from friends is really hitting me hard.

Not to mention, next year i have a forced gap year, since theres something wrong with my years of school blah blah. This means all my friends are off to college ….leaving me alone …. i know its selfish to ask for people to ask about me when theyre busy but it really means a lot .

Ive been in bad moods and changing my good habbits to bad. Im scared to failing my exams and my social life.

My next option is just to distance myself from others to get used to being alone.

I find it hard to open up to people now even the ones close to me and the least things bother me and i cry a lot. Im starting to like the idea of being an intovert. Because i can never get hurt.

I think its starting to be a problem but theres no way around it but to just let it pass by. Maybe its all just stress. But i dont want anyones help because people just judge.

I wish i could somehow just take the people i love to somewhere nice and away and spend time with them.

-sigh- sorry this is just a venting post i really needed to share.

Have a happy day


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