Watermelon and Oatmeal Smoothie

Yay for recipes! So first of all, have a happy Ramadan! Ramadan really confuses the hell out of me, we have few hours to eat AND a lot of us end up gaining weight. Probably because were to tired to exercise and of you’re an Arab then iftar is a meal that would normally feed you for a 3 days. Surprises me how much I can feed my petite body in few hours without exploding *ka-boOOM* wahahahahahaha

However since 10th grade I lost any sense of hunger, I just eat because I like the food or I feel like eating. So for 3 years I haven’t eaten an Arab approved Ramadan meal. Though I’ve been eating a lot lately for no reason, I just find everyone eating and I join them just because I like the food available, not because I need it -.- I’ve been losing my willpower to lose weight, guise .-.

I searched some easy recipes and types of food that would fill me up so I would avoid eating, of course the internet is full of these, but being the lazy red merpanda I am, I just took the ingredient I needed and added it to whatever fruit I had and made a smoothie because throwing everything in the blender is easy and lazy community approved.

3 cups of watermelon (seedless)
5 tsp of oatmeal
Agave nectar
Half a cup of water

If your watermelon has seeds, don’t worry about it. Just pluck out as much seeds as you can get out.

Cut the watermelon on medium sized cubes. I found this size is the best but i guess it depends on the blender’s shape. Then add them in the blender

Add half a cup of water in the blender just to get everything started and easier to blend.

Blend for a while and then add 5tsp of oatmeal then blend again.

So the agave nectar is optional – I didn’t like how the oatmeal made the smoothie taste, it wasn’t bad but it made it taste more powdery? XD idk it just took away the sweetness of the watermelon so I added half a tsp and blended.

20140630-065019 pm-67819724.jpg

20140630-065020 pm-67820081.jpg

TA DA!! That’s it, a lazy diet approved healthy smoothie! 4 cups serving

Not bad, eh? I found it really yummy and refreshing.

Tell me what you think ~~


Ps. I blogged 2 days ago about my graduation ceremony but somehow the post got deleted, well not all of it, 70% of what I wrote got deleted FML. I’m not sure if I have the energy to retype everything again.


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