At this time of year, as the weather changes and the climate shifts, I tend to feel some sadness. Im saying goodbye to my favourite season, Summer , and sadly making way for Winter, my least favoured season.


But this does not mean i will let this phase change me . I use this to fuel more artistic sides of my personality as i will be spending most of the time indoors cuddled with my warm penguin plushies and cup of aromatic hot chocolate under the covers.

Recently ive been back to writing little of my thoughts and feelings down as it helps me express myself better. Not through like amazingly fancy vocab , but through simple words in a flowy arrangement.

Heres a little something i wrote up for this occasion :

The summer fades in a fleeting haze

The breeze chills and  the sky’s shades become memories in the sad song that plays on the fine afteroon sunset as the car speeds on the highway

The fog rises as the sun sets and the track ends leaving the feelings of nostalgia to decent
Onto the coldness of the last spark of the warm bonfire inside a slowly beating heart.

The earth seems to go to sleep suddely on the shoulder of the universe.

Silence scares all the excitement away so the seasons can swiftly change as you hear the air whisper ….

Welcome to the
transition phase

I hope you enjoyed that ^_^ feel free to share your thoughts. And as always, thank you for reading.

-Alice// Cookie


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