Mad Libs review (awesome game)

Hello! I’ve reviewed iphone games before however I ended up deleting all games I had, I don’t really enjoy games anymore. However, yesterday I found this game called “Mad Libs” which is pretty cool! I was bored and I thought “why not try something new?”. This game left me in tears from laughing. #noregrets

Kitchen Inspection:


Basically this is how to play: you first choose the “idea” of the story from the choices given, like “letter of recommendation”. Then the game asks you to either enter a noun, adverb, adjective, verb – those stuff and you keep on writing random words as asked. When you’re done the game will inform you and it’ll use your words to fill in the blanks in their story.
Here is my first attempt with my sister (we were still getting to understand the game):

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA epic story. I don’t think my father would appreciate even if I gave him a degree in running XD

Moar! X3

I’m not sure what type of restaurant we own…

Albert Einstein:

I don’t think he intended to be known for explaining the phenomena of subatomic bags.

It also allows you to save the story to your camera roll so you wont have to screen capture multiple parts.

So yea that’s it! I think of it like those stories we used to create at school? One person said a sentence the other would at up to it and it would keep going. I don’t think we’ve ever finished one of those stories, we would just keep going with it until the class ended. This is kind of like it except that its a digital version.

I would totally recommend this game! I’m not sure though if its available for androids.

I’m gonna go sleep now since its 6:30am now, fml >.<"
Buh bye!