DIY recycle old frame to vintage victorian era frame

I’ve recently been obsessed with fixing old frames and restyling them since I realised I have old and ugly unused frames laying around. 

I have so far restyled 2 frames and this one is the Victorian style frame. 

Look at how ugly the before looks x.x 

You’ll need: 

  • Bronze acrylic paint
  • Different sized brushes
  • A sponge brush for even application 
  • Lamination paper [optional (the frame’s glass was lost so I had to improvise xD)] 

Mini cuddled with the paint bottle and slept to show support to my work and also show that she doesn’t give two hoots if I need to use the paint xD

I miss her so much …. RIP Mini ❤ 

Anyway, back to the diy. I used the the sponge brush to paint the surface of the frame which you’ll need to cover with two coats btw and the brush to paint the sides and gaps of the frame. 

After it’s completely dried, I started with sketching the picture I want. I already knew what I wanted and luckily I knew where to find the silhouette of the lady, which was in the frame section in Afterlight app. 

You can draw it like I did or trace of your computer like my sister likes to do xD or just print it but don’t forget to alter the size of the image to make it fit in your frame ! 

You can paint it with acrylic or gouache colour which would be better than what I did which was fill it in with a black marker. The reason why its better to paint it is because pens and markers will waste a lot of time and will leave streak marks so its better to avoid that. I then just cut out a piece of lamination paper to cover the paper. This is really important if your frame’s glass is lost because it protects your pictures or drawings from getting ruined!

More pictures (=^_^=)




So pretty, right? 



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