Charles Dilaurentis Fan Art PLL + theory

Anyone elsw shocked by the #BigAReveal ? We all expected that Alison might have a twin because of some hidden clues in Ali’s room and the dress Mrs. D hid in the piano. But Jasons twin? Whoa…

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of the PLL finale and loved the idea of Charles so here is a fan art. 


Finished pic:



Is it sick for me to want a mystery like this in my life? Some kind of adventure, anything xD 

I used gouache to paint it which was really hard to get back to after playing with watercolours for a while. For the gold stripes on Charles mask I used a bronze acrylic paint then stippled a gold acrylic paint over it. 


Charles theory  


This makes so much sense to mee. Andrew’s full name is Andrew Campbell which was the name of the farm where the girls would go for apple picking. 

Because Charles was in Radley, that means he missed on few years in school so he went there as Andrew Campbell. He was suppose to graduate with Jason and Melissa, which is why he decided to recreate 07 prom night in his doll house. 

Andrew looks like Jason so it is possible for him to be Jason’s twin. 

I know a lot of people might disagree with me and have different theories, however on thing I’m sure we all agree on is that Mrs. D was craycray. 



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