Strawberry Cookies Recipe*

My sister found this cookie recipe on pinterest and decided to give it a shot. You know, its sometimes good to try out the food instead of just searching it on pinterest and imagine how it tastes like XD I downloaded Yummly app on my iPad to maybe get me into cooking, but all I do is read the ingredients and try to imagine how it tastes like. 

Recipe from Made From Pinterest and strapped to my blogg!

My sister Betty Crocker’s (sp?) strawbie cake mix which isn’t pink so out cookies werent pink :/

She also substituted vegetable oil for sunflower oil and Hershy’s white chocolate chips and also added a pack of milk shake mix. 

  OMIGOD I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH. I ate so much (=゚ω゚)ノ look at how pretty it is, shame it didn’t come out this colour. 

 How my sister eats her cookies. 

  How I like mines. 

So the cookies came out super sugary I’m guessing  its because of the milk shake mix, but if you drink milk with the cookies it reduces the sugar taste or you can eat cookies alone and pretend you’re L




  1. Andy Biersack: his super boyish looks reminds me of Peter Pan. Eventhough he doesn’t have Peter’s brown eyes, freckles and orange hair but still there is something about him that screams “Neverland”.  
  2. Jensen Ackles: his smile is *_* He’s funny and hot, I just want to put him in my pocket. 
  3. Toni Mahfud: one thing that makes a boy 100x hotter in my eyes is if he’s artistic. Toni is a freaking awesome artist – from drawing to photography. Something I find that makes him unique is his scars around his eyebrows, it just gives him a character. Perfect imperfections. 
  4. Nick Bateman: I find it hard to believe that this guy walks on Earth with us … But still so far from me *sob sob* even his name, Nick Bateman, like batman, but Bateman
  5. Collin O’Donghue: from the monent he appeared on OUAT I fell in love with him XD he’s just so cute, how can any one resist. 


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Photography: Call me, Love

I have always had an obsession with flowers. They’re just so pretty in every state, I especially love them when the pettles start to die. 



  Acrylic and water colour paintings are by my mum. When your mum is an artist, every wall in your house will have a painting by her. 



  This one is my mum’s favourite. 

These two flowers have a really cute/funny story. I was out with mum because she wasn’t feeling well and then when we got up to leave, we passed by a florist and since both of us love flowers we had to buy some. While we were looking at the flowers mum told me to buy her some, unfortunately I didn’t have any money, but she found a way around it and told me she’ll pay for the flowers and we’ll act as if bought them for her and she’ll pretend to be surprised wtf xD anyway after she bought them I took them and ran off, needless to say she was surprised wahahaahahaha xD



he’s not calling because the phone is disconnected 


That’s it ^_^ 

Found this on Tumblr yesterday


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Neutral floral nail art 

Has anyone seen CutePolish’s latest nail art tutorial? Bold floral nail art for spring. I loved how easy and fast it is however I’m not one to carbon copy any kind of art because I just like to add my personality on everything I do. 

Sandi, used bright colours which I personally dislike. I prefer either dark or pastel colours – bright colours make my eyes puke x.x 

So here’s my version: 


Nail Polish’s I used:

  • Essence multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish in #69 movin’ on [beige colour]
  •  Essence multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish in #39 spicy [brown colour] 
  • Maybelline Color Show in # 120 urban turquoise 

I also used Essence nail art express dry drops to dry my nails quickly because I hate the waiting game. 


Nutella on my desk because what else shoulf you do on a desk? Study? Nahh, I’d rather indulge in some Nutella time goodness. 

“Princess” tattoo is fake tattoo xD used a black inc pen to scribble it onn. 

「Nail Polish Review」

Essence multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish: 

The polish is pretty pigmented as it says on the bottle however with the beige colour I prefer using two coats as its 1 coat coverage isn’t enough, but with the brown colour 1 coat is enough. 

For the shine I must say, its good however not impressive. You can wear it with out the need to apply a top coat but comparing its’ shine to Bourjois SO laque glossy its not anywhere near how amazing bourjois’ shine – essence doesn’t stand a chance on winning this competion. 

Overall, I really like the nail polisb and will probably buy more. 

Maybelline Color Show:

This polish is so pigmented I cant even begin to describe my love to the coverage and vibrancy of the colour payoff. 1 coat is enough and it looks so pro for some reason I still don’t know. 


I couldn’t stop at how pretty my nails looked esp that it only took me 10 minutes to finish both of my hands and needed to use zero tools. God knows how much I hate using tools 


 If you plan to use neutral tones like me, make sure the colour you use for the leaves is a vibrant cool colour as it just puts this design together and brings attention to your nails. You can use purple, blue and green for the leaves. 

I couldn’t stop staring at my nails and I got a lot of compliments on it even from guys :O