Photography: Call me, Love

I have always had an obsession with flowers. They’re just so pretty in every state, I especially love them when the pettles start to die. 



  Acrylic and water colour paintings are by my mum. When your mum is an artist, every wall in your house will have a painting by her. 



  This one is my mum’s favourite. 

These two flowers have a really cute/funny story. I was out with mum because she wasn’t feeling well and then when we got up to leave, we passed by a florist and since both of us love flowers we had to buy some. While we were looking at the flowers mum told me to buy her some, unfortunately I didn’t have any money, but she found a way around it and told me she’ll pay for the flowers and we’ll act as if bought them for her and she’ll pretend to be surprised wtf xD anyway after she bought them I took them and ran off, needless to say she was surprised wahahaahahaha xD



he’s not calling because the phone is disconnected 


That’s it ^_^ 

Found this on Tumblr yesterday


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