1. Andy Biersack: his super boyish looks reminds me of Peter Pan. Eventhough he doesn’t have Peter’s brown eyes, freckles and orange hair but still there is something about him that screams “Neverland”.  
  2. Jensen Ackles: his smile is *_* He’s funny and hot, I just want to put him in my pocket. 
  3. Toni Mahfud: one thing that makes a boy 100x hotter in my eyes is if he’s artistic. Toni is a freaking awesome artist – from drawing to photography. Something I find that makes him unique is his scars around his eyebrows, it just gives him a character. Perfect imperfections. 
  4. Nick Bateman: I find it hard to believe that this guy walks on Earth with us … But still so far from me *sob sob* even his name, Nick Bateman, like batman, but Bateman
  5. Collin O’Donghue: from the monent he appeared on OUAT I fell in love with him XD he’s just so cute, how can any one resist. 


P.s. Our “about” page has been updated, check it out please *\(^o^)/*


9 thoughts on “MCM

  1. Oh god, I’ve been in love with Andy Biersack since I was 14 and he was still going by Andy Sixx. Definitely every emo girls wet dream XD My Josh gets so irritated with my fangirling

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