Strawberry Cookies Recipe*

My sister found this cookie recipe on pinterest and decided to give it a shot. You know, its sometimes good to try out the food instead of just searching it on pinterest and imagine how it tastes like XD I downloaded Yummly app on my iPad to maybe get me into cooking, but all I do is read the ingredients and try to imagine how it tastes like. 

Recipe from Made From Pinterest and strapped to my blogg!

My sister Betty Crocker’s (sp?) strawbie cake mix which isn’t pink so out cookies werent pink :/

She also substituted vegetable oil for sunflower oil and Hershy’s white chocolate chips and also added a pack of milk shake mix. 

  OMIGOD I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH. I ate so much (=゚ω゚)ノ look at how pretty it is, shame it didn’t come out this colour. 

 How my sister eats her cookies. 

  How I like mines. 

So the cookies came out super sugary I’m guessing  its because of the milk shake mix, but if you drink milk with the cookies it reduces the sugar taste or you can eat cookies alone and pretend you’re L


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