Alice’s 18th Birthday + Picture of us

Last Tuesday (May 19) was Alice’s birthday and we celebrated it on the right day, now this is a big deal to us since Alice is cursed with being born on exam season. Last year, I had 4 exams in 1 day wtf Q_Q I just told her happy birthday and slept off the rest of the day. The years before were similar stories, I think one time she had 6 exams in one day – we would celebrate by resting XD Now I proudly can say that in the 8 years I’ve known Alice, 2015 was the year we celebrated her birthday on the right day :”D


We’ve been wanting to watch Home for quite a while now so we thought it would be awesome to go to the cinema. Its fucking adorable!! Jim Parsons nailed it. I think if it wasnt for him, Home wouldn’t have been as good as it is. Its just so pleasing to hear him speak and since he played Sheldon Cooper it wasn’t really hard to imagine him as an alien. The way the Booves talked was so cute, Alice and I spent the rest of the day speaking like them and since English isnt our first language it was pretty easy considering that we spent the first years of our lives speaking like this XD also the movie has the best phrases which reminded me a lot of Tumblr.

After the movie, both of us were pretty hungry so we ate at Eintsein Kaffee and ordered Alfredo Pasta and Pizza while we chatted. One thing we talked about is our love to leftovers. You know how you’re in this really good restaurant and you just wish you could live there to have an endless supply of food? Taking the rest of the food you were to stuffed to eat is the bestest. Once you go home and start to feel hungry again so you eat the rest makes us feel like there is still some magic left. There is still hope wahahahahahhaha xD


Woohoo ~ first picture of Alice and I on our blog!

Alice is the one with the raven hair and I’m the other with whatever blonde, light brunette, dark ginger colour hair it is. I don’t know what it identifies as anymore XD originally it was a dark caramel blonde then I dyed it red for a while and then I decided to go back to blonde and now its this colour.


I intentionally wore red and black for her birthday as they’re her favourite colours (=^-^=)

We went on a walk later and found this antique store. We want to one day be able to live together, I’ve already Imagined how we want it to look like and how many pets we’ll have xD It would’ve been really romantic if we were in love with each other except that were not and we don’t classify as romantic people. I mean Alice can get into romance with her fancy book reading, but I’m not romantic at all.


This fountain is really pretty, we both enjoyed looking at it and hopefully one day we’ll be able to own one ~

The rest of our day was spent in Costa Coffee, which is my personal favourite cafe. They literally make the best peach iced tea. The decor is pretty retro-ish comfortable design.

IMG_6382[1]Photo on my phone is from this post


This was pretty much our day. It was pretty fun – Alice jumped around at the end of the day while I laughed at her and a passer by coughed off his laugh XD



WIP: Doodle Superman artwork

I drew this for my friend as a gift as he loves Superman and I thought it would be the perfect gift to show how much I love having him in my life ^~^

This is the progress the artwork went through:


 I’m a perfectionist so I like to start of with a ruler and a pencil to get everything even. 




Doodling as a perfectionist is pretty frustrating as you’re trying to get everything to be perfect but at the same time doodling is pretty much about the mistakes? There is no right or wrong in doodles and as a perfectionist I’m constantly trying to find the “right path” as I go. I searched doodles and henna designs on WeHeartIt to get an idea of the designs I should do, even though I didn’t follow them 100%. I just repeated the parts I liked. 


 (W/O Flash) 

When I started on the doodling, I instantly panicked because th shapes werent even and I began worrying about what if he doesn’t like it and if I should just not continue it as it would be a waste of time since he would refuse to take it which I know deep down is BS. He kept telling me how much he loves it and wants to frame it, but I couldn’t remove the thought of him refusing to take it because he thinks its ugly. From the moment I held on to the blue pen till I finally let it down, my brain was literally in hell. Hurting from the painful thoughts. 



I think now that its finished my brain took a break, but I still have irrelevant fears of him just accepting it and not really liking it however as I’m pretty happy with how it ended I can suppress these feelings for now xD 


I used Faber Castell artistic pens in:

Deep Scarlet Red 219***

Cobalt Blue 143***

Dark Chrome Yellow 109***

And Posca markers in white to fix any mistakes I’ve made. 



  This pretty much the hell that goes in my head daily. I’ve learned to live with it though 😛 I’m pretty proud of myself though for finishing it (^-^) 

Whats your existential fear. 

 Its weird how I got the idea of this from a silly online Disney quiz. The question was “Whats your existential fear?”. My answer was “to make a difference”. How will I be remembered if I die now? The answer is I wouldn’t be remembered for anything. I’ll just cause people pain for my loss, which is better than nothing tbh, but will they say “She was a good person.”, “I never heard her talk about about people” and “She was so selfless” – the shitt we hear being said about whoever is dead. At least I have people around me and I wont just die on the couch only to be found by the stench of my corpse. 

 I want to do something for the world before I die, I don’t want to be just another human to walk on this planet; I want to be someone. And yet, I cant pass school. 

 I used to think that I made a difference to my family and that was definitely enough for me, but I never thought I’d have to die in order for them to realise. I thought on of us [my siblings and I] got sick they’d just wake up from the pain they’re causing us, but that proved to be way wrong… Man was I wrong. I got asthma and turns out my heart muscles are to weak and that never stopped him. Hell I staid in bed for over a weak barely able to wake up and he didn’t even care enough to pick up his phone and call me, didn’t even ask my sister about me and he did know I was super sick. My sister has a huge thing with her health and needs to run a lot of blood tests and heart scan and all he cares about is that he paid money for her gym membership and she didn’t go yet. 

 I don’t want to die like this. I don’t want to die yet, I need to make a difference first. Something big to mend those empty pieces in my life. However, I need to end the misery I’m living first and it doesn’t seem like it will ever end. I know it wont. Its like I’m living in an endless spiral. 

 I do believe that good things happen, but it seems too far from me. I’m physically a short person and apparently short in everything else. 

 I’m just goin to exit this world like I never came. Most probably I wont be judged – I wont have anything to be judged upon. I’m not a bad person, I’ve done good things. I’m not a good person either, I’ve done bad things. I don’t know what I am. Maybe I’m like those corals in the sea. Since they naturally exist, we need them, though when we go swimming we tend to avoid them. 

 I met someone who’s a lot like me but with a huge difference. His existence makes a difference. He’s capable of doing change. He used to be a bad person and accepted this and now is on the road to become better. Maybe this is why he’s not feeling like how I feel, the difference is his life gives him chances/opportunities and mine doesn’t. Good stuff happen, but not to me. This is why I day dream. In my dreams, my life isn’t that different actually however it allows me chances to make a difference. 

 I’m not an ungrateful person. I have a really good mum that I can’t live without and the best friends ever but my life is still meaningless. What I want to do is give my life a definition before I die. 


Mystical Nail Art

Alice just left my house a few hours ago so I thought why not paint my nails? I’m already really happy I got to see her because I haven’t seen her in such a long time. Its like a good mood to do nail art except that I’m super lazy … Means I have to come up with a super easy nail art xD + nail polish reviews

Cute, eh?

I usually wear black nail polish in winter because it looks super cute with sweater paws. I think the only colour I can wear on its own without nail art is black. 

Lets get started, what you’ll need:

  • Top/base coat
  • Black nail polish 
  • Metallic nail polish  

I used: 

  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Wild Shine clear nail protecter as a top & base coat. 

Honestly I never found a purpose for a base coat other that to stop the polish from staining your nails. This was the first time I try this nail polish and I’m impressed. The consistency is watery which is good to avoid smudging nail art however, the shine isn’t wild shine, its “meh meh”.  I’d name it tame shine. 

  • Essence Colour & Go in 144 black is black

When I first read the name I thought “no shit”  but after using it I understood why. You know how some blacks are blacker than the other? In clothes it makes it so hard to match blacks. In nail polish it makes you apply 100 coats to reach the black you want. This one is so pigmented so you barely need two coats. 


  • Essence Colour & Go in 172 Splash!

First of all, the name ( ˘ ³˘)♥ if you didn’t instantly think of the mermaid movie then how dare you?! The colour sparkles of blue, green and purple. My favourite colour combo evaaar :3 the colour is as pigmented as a previous polish. The polish states that you colour and go making it seem dry fast, but I don’t think so. It takes a while to dry but I don’t think this is something that should stop you from buying the polishes as they’re pretty good quality. 

Quick tip: smell your nails to know if they’re dry yet or not instead of touching it and ruining it. When it drys the nail polish smell should be gone. 


There is literally not much to do except to randomly dot your nails in gradient. Make the dots come out from one side or angle and then fade them off by making smaller dots. For the ring and thumb nails (which I always like to make them different) I made the dots come out from opposite angles of my nail. 

Yes my middle finger nail broke, it’s literally flipping me off XD

I used a broken bobby pin to dot instead of a dotting tool. To make large dots press the bobby pin fully on your nail. To make smaller dots don’t press too hard. 

While dotting your dominant hand, you’ll find your body scrunched in the weirdest position that a demon possessing a human would find uncomfortable so make sure you’re alone in the room where no can see you. Except God, God can see you. However God wont judge you because of how stupid you look but by the time you’re wasting instead of doing something useful like ending poverty or fighting for woman rights. 

Nail polishes in crime scene of time wastage. It looks like they’re staring at a dead body XD

  {Nails + peak of my super pretty wall}