WIP: Doodle Superman artwork

I drew this for my friend as a gift as he loves Superman and I thought it would be the perfect gift to show how much I love having him in my life ^~^

This is the progress the artwork went through:


 I’m a perfectionist so I like to start of with a ruler and a pencil to get everything even. 




Doodling as a perfectionist is pretty frustrating as you’re trying to get everything to be perfect but at the same time doodling is pretty much about the mistakes? There is no right or wrong in doodles and as a perfectionist I’m constantly trying to find the “right path” as I go. I searched doodles and henna designs on WeHeartIt to get an idea of the designs I should do, even though I didn’t follow them 100%. I just repeated the parts I liked. 


 (W/O Flash) 

When I started on the doodling, I instantly panicked because th shapes werent even and I began worrying about what if he doesn’t like it and if I should just not continue it as it would be a waste of time since he would refuse to take it which I know deep down is BS. He kept telling me how much he loves it and wants to frame it, but I couldn’t remove the thought of him refusing to take it because he thinks its ugly. From the moment I held on to the blue pen till I finally let it down, my brain was literally in hell. Hurting from the painful thoughts. 



I think now that its finished my brain took a break, but I still have irrelevant fears of him just accepting it and not really liking it however as I’m pretty happy with how it ended I can suppress these feelings for now xD 


I used Faber Castell artistic pens in:

Deep Scarlet Red 219***

Cobalt Blue 143***

Dark Chrome Yellow 109***

And Posca markers in white to fix any mistakes I’ve made. 



  This pretty much the hell that goes in my head daily. I’ve learned to live with it though 😛 I’m pretty proud of myself though for finishing it (^-^) 


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