{Re-bloom} watercolour art

  Lately, I’ve been dealing with a lot of crap in my life which is finally starting to get better ^_^ due to the on going crap of life i haven’t been able to draw good stuff like I used too. One of my struggles was a battle with  water colours. My first contact with water colours created a beautiful mermaid that I can’t believe I painted because the rest of my work with water colours were just epic fails. 


I believe in Mermaids

Last Tuesday I said, you know what? That’s it! I’ll just draw one more piece and paint it with water colours and if I fail then I lose the battle against friggin’ water colours! So I put on my victorean armour on and proceeded to search WeHeartIt for inspiration. (Click here to view my weheartit profile) 

I knew I wanted a photo that has flowers in it and totally ignored the fact that flowers are one of the hardest things to paint. I wanted flowers because it would be a symbolic statement of my relationship with water colours. If the painting turned out good then it would mean that my relationship with water colours have bloomed to a good one dispite whatever type of relationship we share. I wouldn’t  care what type of bond forms between me and watercolours, either love (roses), commitment (daisies), or constantly changeable (cloves). However if the painting failed, then this would be the death (lilies) of my relationship with water colours. Yes, I thought a lot about it. 

Here is how it came out:

 I think my relationship with water colours would be a love and hate relationship. 



w/o flash








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