PST – Harry Potter event {Bellatrix Inspired outfit} + Blog-tember Challenge Day 1

Last Saturday, I was invited to a Harry Potter event held by PST (Patient Support Team). Its a non-profit organisation made by a group of medical students from Cairo’s University that donates all the money it makes to local hospitals.

The acceptance letter + Marauder’s Map


The letters are super cute and definitely something I’ll keep for memories. The necklaces are both mine, Alice purchased the time turner for me x3

The letter opener was made by mum in 1993 during christmas, I’m not sure if she actually made it or just engraved the lettering on it.

Makeup + Hair + Outfit

IMG_2158IMG_2121 IMG_2120

Super Dark like Bellatrix and I crimped the hair to me have her messy hair. Something I really like about the villains in Harry Potter is that their outfits isn’t something that would take them 40 minutes every morning to do like in other movies, except that bitch Umbridge.

I arrived 2 hours late for the event because my sister had an event also I’m confused why would they start at 12pm on a really hot and sunny day? I got so dizzy after a few hours that I had to leave. What I missed in these two hours was the house sorting, quite sad as I wanted to know how they chose houses for each person. I think since they had our names before the event, they had the houses sorted already.


IMG_2137 IMG_2139

Horcrux Hunt


Basically,you just form a team and then you would all work together to find all the horcrux then give them back so they would hide them again and another team would go in to look for them. I didn’t enter since I mentioned how sunny it is and even though I love the sunlight, my body refuses it so bad. I get dizzy and possibly would have to deal with a painful asthma attack, I guess this how a vampire feels when in sunlight? However my friend tried it out and he said its actually pretty hard to find the horcrux.

Goblet of Fire


They had a movie night organised which I left before it started, so you would just vote for the movie you wanted to play and put it in the goblet of fire.


IMG_2131 IMG_2132 IMG_2130

I lost against him x.x first thing he said was you wouldn’t last two minutes in harry potter books XD I’m not gonna argue with that though, there are to many spells to memories and I can barely remember my friends’ names wahhahahhahaha I’d probably just stab people with my wand.

The People


Me + The flying Hogwarts letters


IMG_2105Flying Keys. I like how they paid attention to the decorations.

Luna LovegoodIMG_2157

Professor Trelawney. She was my favourite cosplayer there o.o

IMG_2156Professor Dumbledore looking fucking judgemental XD

Neville Longbottom ❤ He looks adorable. Can we also note how short am I considering I’m wearing a mile-high heels?


Thats all I did in the event. Honestly It could have been way better but it wasn’t well organised, they did mention that they didn’t expect this much of people to want to attend so I’m guessing this is what made it so messy? It would be much better if they repeat it during the winter considering that the movies were all filmed in the winter so we would be able to stand wearing costumes. I wanted to cosplay Ron (who else is a Ron fan? 0_0) but I’d have to wear a wig and being asthmatic, I avoid anything that would cause my body to cook during the Summer wtf.


The 2015 Blog-tember Challenge

I’ve been wanting to join in one of those blogger challenges forever and I finally have the chance and I’m not gonna fucking let it go m(@,..,@)m

This one is by braveloveblog, THANK YOU FOR THE CHALLENGE :3

Day one is “Tuesday, Sept. 1: Introduce yourself however you like! Pics, vlog, collage, your choice :)”

un-edited photo of me 0.0#

un-edited photo of me 0.0#

My real name is Nada not Dew. Its an arabic name which means Dew, I use Dew to go by online as usually all the people that I chat with are foreigners and get really confused when I mention that my name is Nada as it means nothing in Spanish I think? But I can assure you that my parents did not hate me this much to name me Nothing wtfbbq.

I’m 19 years old now, my birthday was on The 26th (August) which kinda sucked if you’re wondering xD I was born in Egypt but moved to Kuwait when I was 6 months old due to my father’s work. We moved back to Egypt when I was 8 years old because my granny had cancer, may her soul rest in peace now ._.

In School, starting from 5th grade I always had to deal with the trouble of fitting in. I was always this shy and quite person and I still am due to my anxiety so hopefully this will be fixed in College as now I have an understanding of myself so I’d know how to deal with myself.

Despite not being able to travel a lot in my life so far I have dreams to travel the world, starting with Japan. I used to watch a buttload of anime as a kid and around 8-9th grade I started going back to anime which sparked my interest about Japan and ever since then I’ve been dreaming to travel to Japan. I didn’t really have much friends and no one shared interests with me until Alice came along and I was really thankful for this, especially Death Note since its what made us start talking again after she transferred schools.

Since I didn’t really have much friends my whole life was spent online, its when I discovered my Idol now, Michelle Phan. Her Poker Face make up tutorial was the first makeup tutorial I watch and it instantly grabbed my attention. I used to spend hours before I sleep to watch her videos and this happened daily. Its amazing to watch her grow up now and see her become this successful person, I want to be like her someday ❤ My second Idol has to be Emma Watson, I love how she stood up for feminism and how strong she is.

Spending hours of my life watching Michelle Phan made me want to do videos like her, but because I didn’t have the the talent, the equipment or the courage and I don’t have money tbh to go through doing a video it never happened, however it was through her that I learned about Xiaxue and through her I was introduced to blogging. I asked Alice to join me in creating this blog and she joined in while my best friend Ahmad supported the Idea. I still remember how fast my heart was beating from fear and I’m pretty proud of myself that I went through it.

One of my biggest problems in my life is me, I’m an over-thinker. I think about everything that could possibly (and sometimes impossible) to happen. It’s kind of a defence mechanism to protect myself, however I’m so deep in that I scare myself. I had a rough 7 years and still going and my ideas of coping was to expect everything so I can deal with whatever is thrown my way and escapism. Escapism is a huge part of my life that I’m scared I might develop a multiple personality disorder, but I doubt I’ll ever stop it as I do love it tbh.

That’s all I can think of right now, this is already a pretty long post ^_^ I hope you enjoyed it and if you’re joining the challenge link me so we could learn more about each other or maybe even become friends :O you never knoww…



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